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Should Arsenal players interract with the home crowd more often?

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Fan interaction is the key! (opinion)

Would it really be a negative if players and fans had more interactions at games and in general?

Anyone who attends the women’s matches will be aware that after most of the games, especially the wins, players mix with the crowd taking selfie’s and signing merchandise as and when they can.

Some people would argue that this can have both positive and negative outcomes but I’ve always believed that fan interaction is key for a club.

Players talk about wins being for fans and playing in front of fans is what they work for, but why does it have to stop there?

Why can’t the players at home games especially and of course after wins, embrace the crowd and take selfies or sign merchandise? Why can’t they get more involved with the fan base and not just over social media or by talking to the press, and acknowledging the fans verbally but physically as well.

In other leagues such as the Bundesliga, at times before and sometimes during the season you hear of open training sessions where players interact more with fans with autograph requests and pictures. This occurred a lot before Covid of course and now the “world seems to be getting back to some normality” would this really be such a bad thing for Arsenal to do as well?

I know Arsenal, before Covid used to have a select few players at times once a year, doing meet and greets in the Armoury and they would also host members day where fans would be treated to seeing the players train on the Emirates pitch and then take part in a Q and A. But wouldn’t it resonate more with fans if they can get autographs and pictures with their idols and heroes?

So, Arsenal if you are listening, why don’t you try some more open training sessions at the Emirates over the season and some more autograph and picture sessions with fans in the Armoury.

After all, fans are key to a club, they are passionate, loyal and the 12th man, and they pay anything to see their beloved team play week in week out and for some fans this sort of thing would be a once in a lifetime experience that would mean more than just trophies and winning games! Gooners?

Shenel Osman @sh3n3l_

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