Sancho, De Bruyne, Salah: Man Utd signing to become one of Premier League's MVPs

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Jadon Sancho is a Manchester United player in all but name.

Sancho on the brink of Man Utd move

The Old Trafford faithful have been patiently waiting for the England wizard to be officially unveiled this week, safe in the knowledge that Borussia Dortmund have bid their goodbyes already.

Nevertheless, United fans can't get too ahead of themselves until they see Twitter explode with photographs of Sancho draped from head to toe in the club's 2021/22 attire.

All that being said, barring one of the biggest last-minute transfer hiccups in history, we can pretty safely start picturing what the Premier League landscape will look like with Sancho on the scene.

Varane to Man United Imminent (Football Terrace)

A bargain for Man Utd???

Besides, it's easy to forget that Sancho is still only 21 years old and his scintillating displays in the Bundesliga will reassure the Red Devils that they have bought one of the world's top young players.

And there is a lot of long-term value when it comes to signing starlets with the potential of Sancho because there's a good chance that they could transform into world-beaters over the coming years.

After all, while the touted fee for Sancho of £72.6 million is by no means loose change, it could look like one of modern football's biggest bargains if he proceeds to take the Premier League by storm.

But even if Sancho finds readjusting to English football a difficult challenge, United can rest assured that they've still bagged themselves a killer deal when you consider the winger's transfer value.

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The Premier League's most valuable players

According to the data gurus at Transfermarkt, Sancho is actually worth an eye-watering €120 million, which is around £30 million cheaper than what United are reported to be paying.

In fact, Sancho's transfer worth is so high that he will instantly slot in as the Premier League's joint-second-most valuable player alongside some of the division's most established superstars.

It really does make for a grand arrival in English football, so be sure to check out the state of play when it comes to the Premier League's most valuable players when Sancho arrives down below:

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=18. Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) - €65.00 million

=18. Andrew Robertson (Liverpool) - €65.00 million

=18. Bukayo Saka (Arsenal) - €65.00 million

=14. Bernardo Silva (Manchester City) - €70.00 million

=14. Rodri (Manchester City) - €70.00 million

=14. Kai Havertz (Chelsea) - €70.00 million

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=14. Declan Rice (West Ham United) - €70.00 million

=11. Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) - €75.00 million

=11. Ruben Dias (Manchester City) - €75.00 million

=11. Mason Mount (Chelsea) - €75.00 million

10. Phil Foden (Manchester City) -  €80.00 million

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=7. Heung-min Son (Tottenham Hotspur) -  €85.00 million

=7. Sadio Mane (Liverpool) - €85.00 million

=7. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) - €85.00 million

=5. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) - €90.00 million

=5. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) - €90.00 million

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=2. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) - €100.00 million

=2. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) - €100.00 million

=2. Jadon Sancho (Manchester United) - €100.00 million

1. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) - €120.00 million

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Sancho's star status

You know you've got talent in your boots when you're strutting into the Premier League with the same estimated worth as De Bruyne and Salah, that's for sure.

Obviously, transfer value is based upon much more than just performances on the pitch, so do bear in mind that Sancho's lofty number will also be based on both his age and nationality.

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That being said, Sancho's statistics at such a young age speak for themselves and if he can come anywhere near to the 114 goal contributions he amassed in Germany, then United will be laughing.

In the mean time, though, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that United finally make the announcement and that Sancho will show the world why his transfer value is through the roof.

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