📣 Renato Gaúcho reacts after Flamengo blow by ABC in Copa do Brasil

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Emily Wilson

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Flamengo have one foot in the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil after beating ABC 6-0 in the first-leg of their Round of 16 fixture on Thursday.

After the match, manager Renato Gaúcho opened up on his squad’s performance, goals for the season and more.

Here is what he had to say…

Flamengo 6
Full time

On the squad’s performance

“All the merits belong to the group. I try, with my experience, with the little training time I have… I’ve been training them a lot in the tactical part. But who enter the fields are the players,” said Gaúcho.

“The most important thing is to always look for victories, as we have been doing. There are five victories, but the important thing is that we have been advancing in the Brazilian Nationals. We took an important step in the Copa do Brasil.”

“In a little while, it will happen to any team, we will stumble. What is important is that we have continued our work, playing to win, and we have achieved these victories. The team has done what is asked on the field.”

On the aim to win titles

“Where we’re going to get, I don’t know. I want to be on top of all competitions. I like the Olympic lap, to win. That’s what I pass on to my group,” he said.

“But it is step by step, always looking for victories. It’s passing through the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil phase and reaching the front in the Brazilian Nationals. And Flamengo on arrival is very strong.”

“I’m rooting for them to reopen Maracanã, because our group is very strong and will get even stronger with the fans back.”

On Gabigol’s substitution

“He’s one of the players who doesn’t like to go out. But then it’s up to the coach, he always has to think ahead,” said Gaúcho.

“On Sunday we already have another very important match at the Brazilian Nationals. There are another three or four hungry people who don’t like to go out.”

On player fatigue

“We have to think game by game. Yesterday, I talked to some players and they were tired. It’s time for the coach to step in and give the players a hold. At each game we will think,” he said.

“I want everyone to be ready, but there will come a time when players will ask to stay out due to fatigue. One of them cannot suffer a more serious injury and stand still. If you think we have to give the rest, it will be done. Thus, the player will be able to produce everything we expect”.

Flamengo will play the second-leg against ABC on 5 August.