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📣 Nagelsmann on huge clash, Lucas Hernandez and Lewy's 'crisis'

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Padraig Whelan

Julian Nagelsmann has addressed the media ahead of table-toppers Bayern Munich’s clash with second placed Bayer Leverkusen.

Bayer Leverkusen 1
Bayern Munich 5
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This is what he had to say.

On blockbuster battle

“I’m expecting an exciting game for everyone because both teams play attacking football. Leverkusen are having a very good season and have developed a lot.

“We have to be sharp and play very well. Of course, the game matters when you look at the table but we’re excited about it.

“My plan for it won’t be an extravagant one. This is a game for the players, not the coaches. It’s about making the players feel comfortable so we can win.”

On Lucas Hernandez situation

“He is normal and the same as always. I haven’t noticed any negative effects with him. He’s trained very well and is in my plans for both our next two games. If he’s healthy and available then he’ll play both.

“If I hadn’t read about in the newspaper or asked him then I wouldn’t have known based on his emotions.”

On recent Robert Lewandowski drought

“Everything will be fine. A striker has these moments. If you look at the amount of chances we create and his quality, then it’s only a matter of time.

“I told him things will change on Sunday and he’ll score there. I haven’t spoke to him about a crisis or anything like that though – only how we want him to play.”

On bouncing back from first loss

“It’s too easy to say we didn’t score because Kevin Trapp played so well. There were many situations where we could have passed the ball across for a tap-in and we didn’t.

“The game was similar to most this season but the difference was in others, we scored four or five goals and didn’t do that against Frankfurt.

“It’s about positions in possession for us. I can’t go into great detail publicly but generally speaking, it is about making sure we are always in the best positions when we have the ball and don’t have it.

“Obviously, the way you act in possession influences how you react when you lose it.”