What you need to know before Pumas vs Chivas Femenil | OneFootball

What you need to know before Pumas vs Chivas Femenil | OneFootball

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·12 April 2024

What you need to know before Pumas vs Chivas Femenil

Article image:What you need to know before Pumas vs Chivas Femenil

Keeping up the pace and not giving an inch in the competition for fourth place in the Clausura 2024 is on the minds of Guadalajara Femenil, who visit Pumas this Saturday, April 13, for Matchday 14 of the tournament.

On the field of the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, the Chivas have a place that historically suits them well and with the support of the ChivaHermana Nation, they will be out to bring those three points to the Pearl of the West. For this and more, here are the best facts about this rivalry.

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How do they look coming into the match?

-The Rebaño faced the Clasico Tapatio at home, where they earned a point in a match that was decided at the last minute. The red-and-whites are fifth in the table with 25 points, on the lookout to enter the top 4 of the standings.

-Meanwhile, Pumas visited Torreón to face Santos, where they took three points with a 2-3 win. The women from the capital are in sixth place in the overall standings, with 21 points.

What happened the last time they met?

-The Akron Stadium witnessed the AP23 game day 15 match, where the Chingonas defeated the Pedregal team 3-0. The Guadalajara goals were scored by 'Boyi' Iturbide and 'Gaby' Valenzuela, as well as an own goal by Deneisha Blackwood.

Who are the members of the Chivas Femenil squad?

There are 18 players selected by 'Tano' Spinelli to travel to the Red and White Capital; to see the complete list CLICK HERE.

Latest lineups

Chivas: Blanca Félix; Jaqueline Rodríguez, Damaris Godínez, Karla Martínez; Araceli Torres, Casandra Montero, Daniela Delgado, Rubí Soto; Carolina Jaramillo (C), Adriana Iturbide and Dan Sandoval.Coach: Antonio Spinelli

Pumas: Heidi González; Dirce Delgado, Ana Mendoza, Yaneisy Rodríguez; Deneisha Blackwood, Amber Dioro, Dania Padilla (C), Aerial Chavarín; Michelle González, Alejandra Guerrero, Stephanie Ribeiro.Coach: Marcello Frigério

Who will be the referees?

Referee: Lizzet Amairany García OlveraAssistant 1: María Fernanda Ávila OropezaAssistant 2: Brandon Jesús Flores RicoFourth: Ana Cristina Guarneros Lezama

Did you know that...?

-Chivas Femenil has a positive record when visiting Ciudad Universitaria, with two wins, one draw, and only one loss.-The last time Chivas Femenil visited the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, they defeated the auriazules 2-1. -Two players from the current Red and White squad scored in that game: Rubí Soto and 'Gaby' Valenzuela.-Alicia Cervantes has scored 3 goals against Pumas in the capital. -Antonio Spinelli won the only match he coached against Pumas in AP23. -The biggest win in the history of the rivalry also belongs to the Chingonas, who defeated the Universitarios 5-1 on Day 1 of the Clausura 2023.-Selene Valera is the only player from the current squad who has worn both jerseys. Hillary García joins the list of players who have worn both uniforms.

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