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Union was Rangers’ ‘lowest point’ says Giovanni

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GVB has confirmed he has never seen his players more disappointed after a match than they were after Union Saint, with the dressing room the most despondent.

We can’t be sure if Gio was referring to his Rangers players or ‘his’ players whatever club he was managing at the time, but there’s no question at the minimum the squad was devastated the most it’s been under the Dutchman following Belgium and Gio certainly saw it.

In a way this is pleasing, because we don’t want them laughing and joking after a miserable performance and result like last week was, but equally it’s disappointing because we’d rather see an angry dressing room than a desperately depressed one.

An angry dressing room sits down, and is ready to make it right. A disappointed dressing room is feeling sorry for itself.

But either way, they felt it, and we’re glad they share our pain.

Some might argue they should have felt worse after Parkhead, but we’d say it’s not necessarily a competition.

Union Saint was Gio’s unwanted ‘European Parkhead’ in which it was his worst night as manager aside Parkhead.

Mind you, is Gio saying they felt worse after losing a qualifier than they did after losing the UEL final?

Tomorrow is time to put it right either way, and the players certainly know what’s at stake.

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