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·2 October 2022

This is for those Rangers fans who opposed Antonio Colak

Article image:This is for those Rangers fans who opposed Antonio Colak

Yesterday we put up a piece about how Antonio Colak was proving his doubters wrong, even explaining the derision our piece on his performances had attracted.

But there’s more to it – 90% of the Rangers fans we noted did NOT support this signing.

90% of the supporters we’ve seen and engaged with were convinced this was a dud signing based purely on ‘two goals against us’ and his CV in Greece ‘proved’ he was a bad acquisition.

Don’t deny it you, you, yes you reading, were almost certainly one of them.

We saw far far more among the 71,000+ followers our FB has and the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of readers the site in general has that were AGAINST this signing, convinced it was a bad move and his ‘record in the Mediterranean proved it’ (he struggled for Salonika and wasn’t first choice).

Ibrox Noise repeatedly preached his exceptional record in Croatia and Sweden, explaining that with the right club and at the right time, Colak was a 1 in 2 striker (even we didn’t see him becoming nearly 1 in 1!).

So it’s with amusement the article above that we quote sees quite a few comedians with the ‘what doubters’ line, revising history and telling us 100% of the fanbase were behind signing him up.

Because they weren’t, sadly.

And even after a few matches there were still many fans unconvinced and feeling ‘vindicated’ that he was a dud. We even remember one who preached this as recently as the PSV first leg. It wasn’t till he got us into the UCL in Holland the gentleman FINALLY conceded the lad was a striker.

Of course this all changed and now everyone sees what an electric goalscorer Rangers have signed, and while ‘world class’ is banded about all too easily, and we wouldn’t call Colak in that bracket yet, his start to life at Ibrox could very well be the beginning of a hitman who’s could in time indeed prove he’s world class.

But this is all getting ahead of ourselves – his start to his Rangers career has been ludicrous, and most fans have been proven wrong about him.

We’re sure most of them are delighted!

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