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The 🖐 best kits of the new Serie A season 👕

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Padraig Whelan

Where did the summer go? In no time at all, another season of Serie A action awaits.

And with it come some fantastic new kits to feast our eyes upon. These are the best of the bunch.

Lazio (Home)

As has so often been the case in recent years, Lazio prove that staying simple and clean can provide the best kit results.

Not only is their new home jersey a big winner, in that iconic sky blue colour, but Macron have also manufactured it by recycling plastic bottles into the required material. What more can you ask for?

Their third kit, pictured below, is also a huge hit.

Cremonese (Home)

Cremonese are back in Serie A for the first time since the 1990s and paying homage to that fact in style with their home effort inspired by the jersey they wore during that three-year stint.

It also gains points for being a combination of red and silver stripes which isn’t often seen anywhere else – adding another nice rare touch to this one, along with its old school crest and collar.

Lecce (Third)

What can we say? We love a jersey that displays some city pride within it and that’s exactly what Lecce have done with this season’s clean third kit.

At the bottom of the bright red kit is an outstanding outline of the city centre’s historic skyline. They may not wear it much – and what a disappointment that is.

Hellas Verona (Away)

From the city that gave us the tale of Romeo and Juliet, we have another beauty.

A collar that isn’t often witnessed on a football jersey goes perfectly with the light yellow and blue colour scheme, while the shaking up of the crest with the two mastiffs is a big hit and is also visible on the home jersey.

Sassuolo (Away)

We’re always fans of a jersey that does something a little different and has their daring rewarded.

That’s the case with Sassuolo’s green and white striped away effort, adding a new touch to the traditional horizontal stripes in their Puma kit.

Bonus: Venezia

They’re at it again! Okay, they sadly may not be in Serie A anymore after last year’s relegation but it would be remiss of us not to allow you to enjoy the latest line of brilliance they have released.