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·5 October 2022

Some fans believe Rangers lost because Liverpool are rich

Article image:Some fans believe Rangers lost because Liverpool are rich

We’re hearing quite a few Rangers fans today excusing last night’s debacle and indeed the first three Champions League horsings on the grounds of ‘money’.

To put it politely, this is a dreadful argument and we’ll explain why:

1: You weren’t saying that when we put away Dortmund (on their patch) and Leipzig who are/were both better teams last season than Liverpool are this. That argument didn’t seem to apply.

2: Rangers’ squad is worth, like it or not, £150M We might not have spent that, but that’s the rough market value. Yes, it’s not as high as Liverpool etc, but since when does the value of a squad decide on the night who will win? And Rangers aren’t worth pennies. Sorry, but we’re not.

3: Has PSV just been forgotten? They are as good as the three teams we’ve faced, easily in the same ballpark as them, yet we overcame them, despite their squad value, including Cody Gakpo and Carlos Vinícius. They’re a UCL-level team but we worked like dogs against them.

4: Since when did squad value have any impact on work ethic? Our players, in none of the UCL matches thus far, have truly worked properly hard, especially in the first and third fixtures. Doesn’t matter what your value is, work is work and Liverpool did a tonne more of it as Ajax did. The one we worked hard in was PSV.

We can handle losing if we worked at it – look at how we’ve been a little less harsh on the Napoli loss because we did work harder in that match up to a point. But Ajax and now Liverpool have been shameful.

We can beat teams, even the biggest teams, on our day, if we work. We showed this v PSV.

But that’s been dumped in the group stage.

What’s money got to do with it?

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