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·4 October 2022

Rotten Rangers run ragged by subpar Liverpool

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Once again a Rangers side ill-equipped for the Champions League has gone in blind, with a manager who doesn’t have a clue at this level, and been absolutely slaughtered.

See, the score wasn’t that bad, but Liverpool were much, MUCH better than 2-0 – and the worrying part is they were actually poor on the night.

That’s right, that is the same Liverpool that has struggled this season – but Rangers made them look like world beaters because, as Steve McManaman rightly said, Gio and the side played right into Liverpool’s hands and made it so easy for them.

There was one thing in common with Ajax – once again the players had absolutely zero ounce of fight, or guts – only Allan McGregor can come out with his head really held high of the starters, plus the three men at the back in fairness, but aside those four?

Cowardly, weak, pathetic, and a criminal lack of fight.

The Rangers jersey is a privilege to wear, but these guys look lost and scared at this level, as if most of them are abundantly aware they don’t belong there.

This shocking side is fast on its way to becoming the worst-ever side in the history of the competition, with 9 conceded and none scored.

Even the hapless Plzen, with their 12 shipped, have at least scored one.

Rangers players are clearly aware they’re not in Kansas anymore, and aren’t up for the fight the UCL requires.

Regardless of ability, Liverpool simply worked more, they moved more, they ran more, and they wanted it more.

Rangers players, clearly not helped by Gio’s concession that they’re not good enough for this level, just capitulated yet again.

Ok, the performance v Napoli had a bit more guts for a while, but even that one fell apart too.

As for Gio?

Completely out of his depth at this level – has only ever won a single group match of 9 as manager of Feyenoord or Rangers, and that includes 4 at home.

He’s abysmal at this level, literally doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, and that clearly isn’t going to change.

We wrote the UCL off before it even started, but seeing a manager make all these rotten selections each match is getting tiring.

Long and short of it is the players aren’t up to it, but neither is the manager.

Time to 100% write off the UCL and concentrate on the league, if we hadn’t already.

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