Richard Keys unbelievably uses Newcastle United lie for third time in attack on Rafa Benitez

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Richard Keys is at it again.

What a pathetic individual.

Richard Keys launching his very latest attack on Rafa Benitez today (Monday 13 September 2021), he is simply embarrassing.

Richard Keys writing on his personal blog – 13 September 2021:

‘Who said this? ‘My life as a manager has normally been with teams where we did not have too much money and we had to sell players to bring in players. As I have said before, we are lucky to have owners who want to spend money and we have to find a way to do it properly’.

This guy has managed Valencia, Liverpool, Real Madrid (for 6 months) Inter (for 6 months) Chelsea (temporarily) Napoli and Newcastle – where he spent £102m on 18 players before a successful tilt at the championship.

You’ve got it. I know you have. As we all know, he left Tyneside for a ‘long term project’ in China, (where they print money) but was back after 18 months looking for a job. The one he got surprised a few people – but not me. He’d been trying like a bear to get it for years. I hope he does it well because he’s with a club I like a lot – but come on Rafa. You’re having a laugh. Never had money?

At which of the above list of teams didn’t he have money? He’s always had money. The problem has been that he’s always wanted more money – more than the owners of those clubs would trust him with.

Now he’s in the last chance saloon he’s got to behave. There isn’t another one for him after Everton – so he isn’t looking to fall out with the owners like he did Mike Ashley.’

For whatever reason, Richard Keys clearly hates Rafa Benitez and I am guessing the feeling is mutual, not that the World class manager will spend any time worrying about a ludicrous nobody like Keys.

Richard Keys has even admitted in the past that he doesn’t like the Newcastle manager and has repeatedly attacked him, almost every time using ‘facts’ that have no basis in truth.

In this latest attack today on Rafa Benitez, Richard Keys uses the same Newcastle United lie that he has used at least twice previously.

In December 2017 and May 2018 (see below), Richard Keys claimed that Rafa Benitez had the benefit of Mike Ashley allowing a £102m spend on players in summer 2016 to help get promotion.

The only difference between December 2017 and May 2018  was that he increased it to 18 players from 17 that this mythical £102m was spent on in Summer 2016.

The truth of course being that a massive number of players left in summer 2016 and Rafa had to rebuild the whole squad, he did that by bringing in 12 first team squad players (not 17 or 18) and actually made a £40m profit in that promotion season, with an estimated spend of around £50m with £90m worth sold…not by spending £102m.

Richard Keys obviously from the old school that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes accepted as the truth.

Richard Keys – 19 December 2017:

“I’ve often wondered how a ‘Super Coach’ would manage at the wrong end of our league – and it looks like I might be getting my answer.

“I’ve said before – great credit to Benitez for the job he did getting Newcastle up. It was every bit as good as the job Chris Hughton did the last time they got promoted from the Championship. To get the job done [in 2016/17] Benitez spent £102m and took 17 players to St James’ Park. Hughton didn’t.

“Now the Toon languish in the bottom 3 – having taken just one point from 27. I’ll say that again – one point from 27.   Benitez wants more money to correct the problem. 

“Of course he does. I’m sure Alan Pardew does at West Brom. I’m sure Paul Clement does. I’m sure David Moyes, Eddie Howe and Roy Hodgson do. I sure Mark Hughes does. Will they get it? I don’t think so.

“No, I’m sorry Rafa, it’s a different game at the other end of the table isn’t it? The run Newcastle are on is NOTHING to do with Mike Ashley and EVERYTHING to do with what’s happening ON the pitch – or rather isn’t happening on the pitch. No Rafa, this one is down to you.

“Sean Dyche hasn’t had anything like £102m to spend at Burnley. In fact, last summer he traded at a profit -again. The Brits are obviously doing something right.”

Richard Keys – 18 May 2018:

“Well done Rafa.

“It turns out Mike Ashley was right after all.

“After spending £102m on 18 players the previous season [2016/17] Ashley always believed Benitez had enough to make Newcastle comfortable. He did.

“Now comes Rafa’s big test.

“I’m tired of reading about his threats to leave if he doesn’t get his own way.

“He won’t get his own way.

“I’ve no idea where Benitez will find a better job – because he certainly wouldn’t enjoy working at West Ham.

“We’re in for some big changes in the dug outs this summer – more changes than we’ve ever seen.

“As owners go searching for men with a magic wand here’s something to think about.

“It remains the case – and always will – that the teams with the best players are going to be successful. Be careful what you wish for…..”

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