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Review: Arsenal All Or Nothing Episode 7 – Feels like a funeral

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ALL OR NOTHING ARSENAL – Episode 7 by Dan Smith

Clearly, we have some fans who can’t have anything negative written about their club.

So, I’m asking (put in the comments) how I am expected to review episode 7 with positivity when it centres around 3 consecutive defeats to teams in the bottom half, our only goal a deflected shot (reminder, we gave away our best striker without bringing in a replacement).

I’ll be accused of having an agenda, so I’ll leave it to our own manager who says when Arsenal lose 3-0 to Palace and 1-2 to Brighton it ‘should hurt and feel like a funeral.’

Arteta doesn’t blame injuries or makes excuses like some Gooners did at the time, partly because those injuries were two players!

It’s ironic that the same people in a performance meeting who bemoan these issues are the same brain trust who essentially gave away 5 squad players for the sake of slashing our wage bill.

What is noticeable is as the adversity increases, the dressing room goes quiet.

Not in a non-caring way but confidence draining.

It leaves our coaching staff trying to find the balance between not making moral worse while being critical.

Arteta’s methods pre match have been one of the highlights of the series.

Where he finds the time to come up with these ideas I don’t know. Before Brighton, he brings in a light bulb and compare his team to Einstein …. It doesn’t work!

It’s noticeable that Xhaka and Ramsdale remain the more vocal members of the dressing room, not then captain Lacazette or now skipper Odegaard.

Until watching this i wasn’t aware of an interview Eddie Nketiah gave which highlights his weak mentality.

He offers every excuse regarding his failings but fails to take accountability for how he had just played at Southampton or say in the Cup at Forest.

The Episode ends with wins over Chelsea and Man United.

It’s hard to watch those performances without wondering how those same players would then not show up weeks later when it matters.

There’s a lovely touch where Saka meets a youngster who sent him his pocket money after the Euros when the player was racially abused.

Teddy is asked ‘You think we can make top 4; you believe in us?’.

Elneny believes ‘we can make our goal’.

Still waiting to hear anyone say that 5th is progress.

Dan Smith

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