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Rangers given yet ANOTHER European bonus

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Rangers have been given a pleasant bonus for next season’s European competition after it was confirmed not only will the Famous be guaranteed a minimum this season of the group stage of the Europa League, but they’d be seeded as number one as well.

With Frankfurt the only other contender for the top spot obviously having made it to the group stage of the UCL by default as number one seed (yes really), no one stands in Rangers’ way for being number one seed in the UEL next season and that guaranteed group spot if the worst comes to the worst and Gio’s men don’t make the CL group instead.

Obviously all eyes are on making it to the premier club competition, but given now the worst case scenario for failing in the UCL qualifiers is a group place in the UEL, it’s definitely not that bad.

Roma, Man Utd, Arsenal,Rennes and Lazio are among those in the UEL, so the calibre of side in there isn’t all that bad to say the least, and Rangers would be pot 1 top seed and a group place.

It’s a nice fallback crutch to have, but hopefully we won’t need it.

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