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Alex Mott

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Another busy weekend, another Premier League Player of the Week to crown.

This week’s award goes to …

Séamus Coleman (Everton)

September 27, 1999.

Tony Blair was midway through his first term as British Prime Minister, the Nokia 3210 had just become the best-selling mobile phone in history and Sega’s ‘Dreamcast’ hit the shelves in time for an early Christmas release.

It was also on that sultry late summer evening that Everton won at Anfield thanks to Kevin Campbell’s instinctive swivel and shot.

Little did the Toffees realise at the time, but that would be the last time they tasted such success for a full two decades.

Fast forward 22 years, and Everton have finally won at Liverpool again. They’ve won at the home of their cross-city rivals. And what a win it was.


Calm, controlled, never in doubt, this was the sort of victory Everton simply do not get an Anfield, one that will reverberate around the city for months, possibly even years.

There were plenty of impressive performances from the Blues, from Jordan Pickford in goal to Richarlison leading the line.

However we’re singling out the captain, the man for whom this means more than just about anyone: Séamus Coleman.

He many not be a Scouser but having joined the club in 2009, Coleman will be more than aware of just how much this win and this performance will mean to the Blue half of Merseyside.

As the only member of the squad of was at the club the last time Everton beat Liverpool – in 2010! – the Ireland international is well-versed in just what it takes to beat the Reds but has to endure over a decade of heartbreak in the meantime.

His celebration with assistant coach Duncan Ferguson after the final whistle was testament to just how much this side wanted to beat their arch rivals.

But it wasn’t just passion and determination that got the Toffees over the line, Coleman was tactically so well-disciplined for the whole 90 minutes and made Andy Robertson looked distinctly average throughout.

This was a victory crafted on the training ground by a coach, Carlo Ancelotti, and a group of players, who knew that nothing other than three points mattered.

“It’s an amazing feeling, after coming here all those years and letting ourselves and more importantly letting the blue side of the city down,” Coleman told Sky Sports after the game.

“I want to thank the manager for the way he set us up and the players put in an unbelievable shift. That was against the champions, so we are delighted.”

A victory for all those beleaguered Blues, 22 years in the making and worth every second of it.