🏆 PL Awards: Scorpion kicks, drones, added time and Goodison reunions | OneFootball

🏆 PL Awards: Scorpion kicks, drones, added time and Goodison reunions

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Joel Sanderson-Murray

The door to the title race crept open ever so slightly, Norwich scored a scorpion kick and there were copious amounts of stoppage time.

It was just another standard weekend in the Premier League so here are our awards.

The Added Time Award

We will never see the likes ever again. Drink it in.

The Old Flame Award

Lucas Digne was always going to end up doing something on his return to Everton with Aston Villa. The Barclays narrative potential was too strong for him not to.

The Not You Again Award

While we’re on Everton 0-1 Aston Villa, Steven Gerrard enjoyed being reunited with the Everton fans didn’t he?

The Better Than Giroud Award

Josh Sargent got off the mark in the Premier League in some style, didn’t he?

We’re not saying it’s better than Olivier Giroud’s scorpion kick for Arsenal, that’s for you to decide. (No, we’re definitely not saying that).

The ‘It’s the Last Thing We Expected To Happen’ Award

We’ve mentioned the added-time which took place from the Brentford Community Stadium this weekend but the drone situation deserves another mention.

How can something so small cause such a huge inconvenience in this, the Barclays?

All the kids will be doing this next.

The (almost) Better Than Beckham Award

There was also actual football that took place this weekend and Kevin De Bruyne is now rubbing the shoulders with the greats of the league when it comes to clocking up assists.

The That’s Dropping In Award

There aren’t many better sights in football than a goalkeeper left hopeless as they watch a goal land right in the top corner.

The Old is Gold Award

Thiago Silva is out here proving you are never too old to have an impact at the top level.

The Barren Spell Award

Arsenal’s problems in front of goal have crept up on us all.

The You’ve Got A Hold On Me Award

Chelsea appear to have some sort of psychological impact on Tottenham at this current moment in time.