🏆 PL Awards: Bale is back, Agüero shows class and hello Cruyff turns

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Phil Costa

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Another weekend, another round of Premier League fixtures full of talking points.

It’s time to dish out some awards …

The Class is Permanent Award

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Sergio Agüero clearly isn’t the player he once was, due to injuries, losing a yard of pace and other reasons.

But his goal against Crystal Palace proves that class is permanent. One touch to control, another to finish.

The Throwback Thursday Award

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Thursday, Sunday – same thing. What we witnessed was Gareth Bale back to his best and it was beautiful.

He rolled back the years with this hat-trick, showing off his pace, finishing and chemistry with team-mates – Mason in?

The Finding His Feet Award

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Kai Havertz had taken some fire at Chelsea following his £71m transfer from Bayer Leverkusen last summer.

But the 21-year-old looks settled under Tuchel, thriving in a false nine/striker role and scored a smart brace against Fulham.

The He Needed That Award

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It’s fair to say that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has struggled this season – with his form, health and personal reasons all impacted.

But on his return to the side after contracting malaria, he netted an acrobatic close range finish that will hopefully boost his confidence moving forward.

The Cruyff Turn Award

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Throughout his career, Danny Welbeck has given off big ‘Bambi on ice’ vibes when in goalscoring positions.

But his goal against Leeds – with half-volleyed Cruyff Turn included – was anything but that. Watch it now.

The Ronaldo Lite Award

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Anwar El Ghazi drew comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo after breaking through as a teenager at Ajax.

He hasn’t quite matched those expectations but his goal against Everton was Ronaldo-esque, cutting inside and finding the top corner.