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·27 September 2022

Newcastle United fans have tickets taken off them by club due to shambolic situation

Article image:Newcastle United fans have tickets taken off them by club due to shambolic situation

A strange situation has arisen, with Newcastle United fans who were going to the Fulham match…now no longer going to the Fulham match.

As usual, this away game (like pretty much all others) swiftly sold out.

Craven Cottage always a good trip and this time, due to redeveloping the stadium. Newcastle United fans only allocated 2,300 tickets.

That situation made all the worse by the fact that no longer (or at least currently) do Fulham have their ‘neutral’ section. An area of Craven Cottage which is usually open for anybody to buy but which in reality when well supported clubs like Newcastle go there, simply becomes pretty much an extra away section.

Anyway, a number of Newcastle United fans have now said that they’ve been contacted by the club (NUFC) on Monday, to be told that the tickets they have been allocated are no longer valid.

Obviously only the club themselves will know how many supporters are affected and have been contacted but this isn’t a great situation, no matter how many / few it is. It appears that the club have oversold tickets, more than they actually had. So now some Newcastle United fans who thought they were going, (and no doubt having organised / booked travel and potentially accommodation as well…) won’t be going.

You would hope / assume that if anybody is left out of pocket due to this, they will be looked after by the club.

Fulham is one of nine matches Newcastle United have to play (full schedule below) in a six week period, with the final seven in a four week stretch, before the Premier League breaks for the Qatar World Cup.

Speaking of shambolic situations with tickets…

This problem is an inherited one for the new Newcastle United owners BUT still has to be sorted.

The match by match tickets for the Everton match went on sale to members / season ticket holders last Wednesday and within a couple of hours were pretty much all sold out around the stadium, apart from a couple of thousand in the family enclosure. Now six days later I have just checked and there are still 367 tickets left unsold for this game against the blue scousers up in the family enclosure.

I’m guessing they will eventually go (although there are still 32 tickets left on sale for the Brentford game, all in the family enclosure, all single tickets and restricted to only 13-17 year olds able to buy these single seats) but it is a farcical that so many people have bought memberships and have to compete for a limited number of tickets when they go on sale. These all sell out very quickly, yet they see family enclosure tickets on sale so many days / weeks later, the demand obviously not there (to go in the family enclosure you have to have a mixture of adult(s) and kid(s), apart from when they finally then try and sell these single tickets to 13-17 year olds).

The club need to get rid of the family enclosure altogether, or drastically reduce it and make more tickets available to everybody, the same with all other areas of St James’ Park.

Saturday 8 October – Newcastle v Brentford (3pm)

Sunday 16 October – Man Utd v Newcastle (2pm)

Sunday 23 October – Tottenham v Newcastle (4.30pm) Sky Sports

Saturday 29 October – Newcastle v Aston Villa (3pm)

Sunday 6 November – Southampton v Newcastle (2pm) Sky Sports

Wednesday 9 November – Newcastle v Crystal Palace (7.45pm)

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