Modric: "We're treating the game as if it were a cup final"

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Article image: Modric: "We're treating the game as if it were a cup final"

Luka Modric spoke to the press ahead of Zinedine Zidane in the online press conference held to preview Wednesday’s meeting with Inter Milan at the San Siro (9 pm CET), with the midfielder revealing how the team are approaching the match: “We've got to treat the game as if it were a cup final. We’ve got to perform well and play as a team: be together, united and help each other. We’ll be up what the game demands of us”.

“I'm feeling good. The recent games in which I haven't started was down to the coach’s decision. When I take to the pitch, regardless of whether it's as a substitute or a starter, I try to help the team. I'm feeling good and strong and there's still a lot of football left in these legs. We'll have to see what happens with my future. There's a lot of talk about my situation, but I'm relaxed about it”. 

“We’re lacking a little bit of everything. Firstly, we need all of us to be available and to avoid injuries. Since last season, we've lacked that solidity and consistency. We’ve shown quite a lot of good things this season and need to take that as a positive”.

“We have to keep going. Last season, we knew that we had 11 cup finals and we were ready for that. At the moment there are no fans in the stadiums and we're struggling that bit more. I think that as the games pass, we’ll improve and will have a good season”. 

“It's not just now that we're backing him, we've always backed him. When we're asked about him or the criticism he receives, we're always behind Zidane. We've won an awful lot together and it's perfectly normal that we would defend him. I hope that we continue to win things with him”.

Benzema is very important within our system, given how he links up and creates play. We produced a good first-half performance against Villarreal. Mariano is a different kind of player and he can be trusted. When Karim isn’t available, we have to play as a team, all give that little bit more and make up for his absence”.

Tough season
“We know that every game is tough and that no matter who you come up against, if you're not at your best, you’ll struggle to win games, particularly in Europe. That's where we show our character and our togetherness, particularly in this competition, and we’ll continue to do so in the coming games”. “It's true that there are too many games. It's every three days, what with the international games, Europe, LaLiga…  That’s just the way it is, we're going through a difficult time and it’s as if they're always wanting to introduce more competitions and nobody stops to think about our health”.

More games
“At the moment, there are a lot of injuries across the world. You've also got to think about coronavirus and that’s mentally tiring. A bit more thought should be given to the players and not simply to introducing more games. That doesn't get us anywhere, many players will end up getting injured. I don't know whether or not this will change anything, but we have to be ready, recover well and perform as best we can”.

“I've said many times that I feel really good at Real Madrid and that I'd like to end my career here, but we'll have to see what happens. I always say the same thing. I will remain here for as long as I feel I can help the team. I obviously want to stay here, but that depends on a lot of things”.

Ramos’s contract extension
“The fact that it's being talked about doesn't affect us, it’s between him and the club. I don't need to say how important Sergio is within the club and I think they’ll reach an agreement for him to stay on with us”.

“I think he's doing fine, he's training well. He's had a few injury problems, but he’s been training with us for some time now. He's a great lad and a very talented player. He’s going to help us out with his skill and ability.  All he needs to do is relax, enjoy his football and produce his best”.