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Jason Tindall good news and bad news on NUFC fitness for Arsenal – 1 new injury but Eddie Howe returns!

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It was Jason Tindall taking the NUFC press conference ahead of Arsenal on Friday morning.

Although a massive boost for Newcastle United swiftly followed Tindall’s media duties, as it was then revealed that Eddie Howe has now tested negative for covid and the new team boss WILL be in the dugout at the Emirates on Saturday.

However, Jason Tindall filled us in with how preparations have went for this next big game.

It was Jason Tindall of course who was the man in charge inside St James Park as Newcastle drew with Brentford last Saturday, plus dealing with the media after the game, due to Eddie Howe having tested positive for covid last Friday.

Eddie Howe’s number two revealed that Dwight Gayle was a new injury problem for Newcastle United with a hamstring issue, something which has been a problem for Gayle in the past.

More positively, Jason Tindall saying there are no other new injury issues ahead of today’s Friday training session.

Jason Tindall also saying that whilst having Eddie Howe in person at the training ground has been a big blow, they have been able to work around is with the help of modern technology.

As for Eddie Howe himself, the club released this via social media immediately after Tindall’s press conference:

“Newcastle United can confirm that Eddie Howe will be in the dugout for tomorrow’s game at the Emirates Stadium after returning a negative Covid test this morning.”

The explanation then for exactly how Eddie Howe can be involved at Arsenal despite the 10 days self-isolation rules…is that the NUFC Head Coach’s symptoms have now been traced back to earlier last week, BEFORE he was tested on Friday (19 November) and found to be positive for covid.

Jason Tindall speaking to the media on Friday morning ahead of the match against Arsenal:

Jason Tindall on the return of Eddie Howe:

“You want your manager here with you.

“We’ve missed him as a group of staff and I’m sure the players have missed seeing him at the training ground.

“We’re certainly looking forward to having him back.”

Jason Tindall on the last week:

Eddie has seen training back every day.

“We film it and that will then be sent to him in the afternoon to review it back, as will we as coaches.

“Then we will feed back what’s necessary to the players the following day.”

Injuries / fitness:

“Dwight Gayle was feeling his hamstring slightly so that’s one that will be assessed today.

“Other than that there’s been no new injury concerns for us with a training session still to do today.”

Jason Tindall on adapting:

“From the first four or five days, in terms of how they were feeling the following day, to this week, they’re probably feeling a lot better.

“There’s always that adaptation period but hopefully they’re over that and they can deliver consistently.”

Jason Tindall on Arsenal:

“Every game in the Premier League presents a different challenge, we know that.

“Different styles of play, different levels of player, different tactics.

“We just need to be prepared for that. We’ve done the work and we go into the game well prepared.

“We’re aware of the strengths they’re going to have but ultimately we’re going to Arsenal to win the game.

“Our aim is to go there, nullify their strengths the best we can but ultimately to go and score goals to give us the best chance of winning the game.”

“He’s got very good potential.

“There’s a lot of competition in the attacking areas but so far what we’ve seen of Elliot, he’s shown really good signs for the future.”

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