How FC Inter Milan Have Fared During The Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has had an effect on sports across the world, and even though football is one of the biggest and most loved sports, it has still been affected by the pandemic.

For a long time, matches were unable to be played, and players were not even able to train, meaning that clubs had little money coming in to allow them to pay the wages of their players.

This meant that many teams struggled, and FC Inter Milan were no different.

Serie A Champions

When a team become Serie A champions – particularly for the 19th time which is the position Inter Milan were in recently – you would be forgiven for assuming that they were financially sound, and that they had no worries with regards to paying the wages of their players.

However, just a week after their big win, players and staff at the club were asked to give up their wages for two months.

This was due to the fact that the club was struggling, and the overall wage bill for the year needed to be cut by 15% in order for the club to survive and be able to compete at the top level like they have done for so many years.

How Did It Get To This Stage?

It may seem that this happened in an incredibly short period of time, but in actual fact Italian football has been edging towards financial ruin for quite some time.

It is definitely the case that this was sped up by the global pandemic, however the stage that Inter Milan are at now would almost certainly have been reached regardless – just not as quickly.

There is a huge amount of debt within Serie A clubs, with only 3 clubs of the whole group being debt free. Clearly, this is something that should be a concern for both teams and fans.

Problems Overseas

Not only is Italian football struggling, but also Suning – meaning that the owners of Inter Milan have been forced to think about selling the club.

However, no tempting offers have been put forward up to now, as investors seem to be wary about investing into such a struggling market.

A Short Term Solution

To help the team to keep running in the short term, a loan was taken out, which will allow the team to run the club and try to get to the stage where they increase the amount of revenue that they produce.

This has been coupled with the club encouraging some of their highest paying players to move to other clubs – meaning that a huge amount would be cut from their wage bill.

Although the players have been told that they could move for free, the difficulty is finding another club that would be able to match the wage that they are on at the moment.

Although Inter Milan are not able to make significant signings at the moment, it is hoped that they will slowly be able to recover, and that the financial problems, and all issues brought by the pandemic, will be behind them before long. To bet on Inter Milan in upcoming matches, visit the OlyBet official website.

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