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·5 September 2023

How does Bristol City's cheapest matchday ticket compare to Bristol Rovers?

Article image:How does Bristol City's cheapest matchday ticket compare to Bristol Rovers?

This is all you'll need to know about the cheapest tickets for Bristol Rovers and Bristol City.

The two clubs are both deeply-routed in the history of English football. Their rivalry is legendary and goes all the way back to the last five years of the 19th century.

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But unfortunately, for fans of both clubs, they haven't played each other since 4th September 2013. That's a decade since this is being written.

With them being in different leagues for so long, a cup draw is your best bet at seeing them both live, at the same time. For the most part, though, you'll have to choose to just watch one of them.

So which of the two Bristol team's is more affordable to watch?

City's next game is against West Bromwich Albion on 16th September, after the international break. Rovers, on the other hand, don't play their next home match until 19th September, when they face Wigan Athletic, despite League One not being effected by the international break.

The cheapest available adult ticket, for their game against West Brom, is £27.25. This priced ticket will get you a seat in the upper-tier of the stadium, in sections W1, W2, W7, W8, or W9.

They currently do not provide any members discount for adult tickets.

They do, however, provide a discount if you are a member, and you are between the ages of 19 and 25. A membership ticket in these stands will cost £17.25 for under-22s, and £19.25 for under-25s. This is compared to £22.25 and £24.25, respectively, if you aren't a member in these age categories.

How much is the cheapest adult ticket at Bristol Rovers?

You will be set back £26 for the cheapest adult ticket at the Memorial Stadium, for when Rovers face Wigan.

A ticket of this price will get you a place in the Thatchers North, Poplars Insulation, Cooling FX, or Seat Unique West Terrace stands. All of these stands are terraced, non-seated stands, so you will be stood up for the duration of your time inside the stadium.

There are currently no seated seats available for this game.

How much are kids tickets at Bristol Rovers?

The cheapest ticket for the above-mentioned game is £7. This is for an under-14s ticket. If you are between the age of 14 and 18 then a ticket in the terraces will cost you £20

How much are kids tickets at Bristol City?

If you are under the age of 12, then a ticket in the various W stands, mentioned above, will cost £10. However, if you are a member of the club then it will only cost £5.

The same membership rules apply to under-19s as well. The cheapest normal ticket, for this age group, will cost £12, whilst those who are members would only have to pay £7.

How much is a senior ticket and Bristol Rovers and Bristol City?

You qualify for a senior ticket, at both grounds, if you are 65-years-old, or older.

At City, for the W1, W2, W7, W8, or W9 stands, it will cost someone of this age £24.25 if they aren't a member. The price drops to £19.25 with club membership.

For Rovers, it will cost you £22 for a spot in the various terraced stands. Again, there is currently no seating available for their next home match, in the league.

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