“He’s got a group of players that can do it” – Former blue backs Frank Lampard to get it right

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All the talk is about Frank Lampard right now, you simply cannot get away from it.

He is under immense pressure to improve results at the club in the coming matches, with his job as head coach now coming under threat.

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The manner of the loss and how easily they were turned over by Manchester City on Sunday was worrying and sparked more discussions over whether Lampard is the right man for the job.

He was backed in the summer with an array of new talented arrivals, and now it seems he just needs to get them firing again on the pitch after a poor run of form.

Former Chelsea midfielder Steve Sidwell believes he can, but he needs to learn fast now to save his job. Sidwell believes that top four once again will be the minimum requirement for Lampard to stay in the job this season, and he probably isn’t far wrong there.

Speaking via Talk Sport, the former Blue said:

“Before a ball was even kicked, a lot of money was spent in the summer getting players in.

“He did ever so well getting top four last year, and top four will be a definite minimum requirement this season, but this season is a very odd and inconsistent one.

“Look at last night with Southampton vs Liverpool… Man City have had a slump in form, and so have other clubs.

“This is a rocky road at the moment for Frank, but he’s got a group of players who we’ve seen the levels they can produce and they need to get back to it.

“He’s learning on the job as a manager, so experience-wise he hasn’t got what a Klopp, a Guardiola, or even a Ralph Hassenhuttl has got.

“He’s got to learn quickly, but saying that he’s got a group of players that can do it. They just need to compete as that’s what’s been missing in the recent games.”

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