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Lewis Ambrose·12 February 2021

📣 Guardiola on injury returns, 15 wins in a row, Mourinho and Spurs

Article image:📣 Guardiola on injury returns, 15 wins in a row, Mourinho and Spurs

After making it 15 wins in a row, Manchester City now take on the team who last beat them.

Pep Guardiola has had plenty to say ahead of a meeting with José Mourinho’s Tottenham side …

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On who is available to face Spurs

“Rodri trained quite good today. I think he will be able to play tomorrow. Fernandinho is out. Rúben came back to training today. Sergio made his second session with us. Except, Nathan, Kevin and Fernandinho, the rest are available.”

On 15 wins in a row

“It’s nice. In Bayern and Barcelona we also made good runs. It’s a consequence of things game by game. Stats are nice but stats don’t help win the next one. The next one is Tottenham.”

On if City are unbeatable

“We are not. 15 games in a row winning doesn’t help us to start 2-0 up before the start of the game. I said many times it is nice and helps us to be where we are in the Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Champions League and especially the Premier League. But no more than that…”

“We have to start again tomorrow. It is an important week with three strong teams and this is the target. Try in this time to recover, see who the opponents are, what they have done in the game where we played there, what we have to do…”

On Spurs being the last team to beat City

“It’s a coincidence. We lost because they were better. They were better in many aspects. Spurs quality showed more than our qualities and that is why they beat us. It is a strong team and we have to do better to beat them.”

“We’re pretty much the same. It means that we have been working many years so it is good for both of us. We do the job we love and it is a good contender.”

On Phil Foden and David Silva

“Phil Foden learned from David Silva as everyone did, but Phil has a specific thing that he still cannot be like David – but he has other things that are special too. Phil can play as a winger or in the middle as well.”

On how Man City turned their season around

“I would not say one day. Maybe one day we’ll realise we weren’t good enough, or the players realise they have to do more. We started to win games and the second and third wins gave us confidence…

“We saw that we were not far away from the top, but there was not a specific issue. Everyone made an incredible contribution, the backroom staff and players, to realise we had to do better and could do better to fight for the positions in the Premier League.”