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Lewis Ambrose·1 December 2017

Groups of death and dream draws for the 2018 World Cup

Article image:Groups of death and dream draws for the 2018 World Cup

The draw for the World Cup is on Friday and just like everyone else, we are desperate for a Group of Death.

Come on, who doesn’t love a Group of Death?

With Spain, England, Uruguay and Croatia all in the second pot, our chances aren’t bad.

There’s also an incredibly exciting young Nigerian side in pot four, with Senegal and Egypt – led by Liverpool stars Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah – in pot three. Basically, watch out for the African sides.

Denmark, Sweden and Serbia have all also proven their worth as organised sides from Europe. In particular, Denmark’s Christian Eriksen can win a game on his own.

Without further ado, we’ve selected a handful of the major nations to look out for and had a look through all the possibilities. Taking their past results into account, we’ve put together nightmare and dream groups for them.

Here’s hoping the draw treats us well!


Nightmare draw: France, England, Costa Rica, Nigeria Dream draw: Poland, England, Iran, Panama


Nightmare: Germany, Spain, Denmark, Nigeria Dream: Germany, Peru, Iceland, Saudi Arabia


Nightmare: Brazil, Spain, Egypt, Serbia Dream: Brazil, Switzerland, Iran, Panama


Nightmare: Brazil, Spain, Senegal, Serbia Dream: Poland, Spain, Iran, Panama


Nightmare: France, Spain, Senegal, Japan Dream: France, Peru, Tunisia, Morocco


Nightmare: Argentina, Spain, Senegal, Nigeria Dream: Argentina, Mexico, Iran, Serbia