Gary-Mac drops huge Tavernier hint fans will love

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Gary Mac has dropped a tantalising hint that after 6 long years at RB and the RW question posited by fans over James Tavernier, they might finally get their wish.

McAllister was speaking at the pre-St Johnstone presser and covering a wide range of topics, but it was his comments on Tavernier and understudy Nathan Patterson that were the most intriguing.

He said:

Finally, Tavernier could well be placed at RW and Patterson at RB, and in theory, this could solve the long-standing RW problem.

In reality, Rangers haven’t had a single truly great RW, including Daniel Candeias, for many many years, and Tavernier’s numbers, certainly in the first half of the season, were just ludicrous.

Fans have urged the club to play him as a RW for half a decade, and if G-Mac is to be believed, that may well happen at last.

The club recognises Patterson is too good for the bench, and at his age he has to play or he’ll leave.

So why not stick Tavernier in that RW slot and have Patterson the new permanent RB?

And it could finally happen, which would please many a Rangers fan.