Four Club América players face uncertain futures


Blaise Bourgeois

Article image: Four Club América players face uncertain futures

Club América are looking ahead to the Liguilla, where they will enter somewhere between the number three and the number six seed.

However, the club has one eye on the future as several contracts expire prior to next summer.

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Central figures Guido Rodríguez, Bruno Valdez, Paul Aguilar, and Andrés Ibargüen are all waiting to see what happens with their expiring deals.

The contracts of the 33-year-old Aguilar and the 27-year-old Ibargüen expire at the end of this season, while the fates of Valdez and Rodríguez must be decided before the beginning of the summer.

So far, there has been little to no talks about any potential negotiations. Meanwhile, manager Miguel Herrera’s future is up in the air as well.