Florenzi discusses his ‘Swiss army knife’ role and why Juve is a game that ‘prepares itself’ – video | OneFootball

Florenzi discusses his ‘Swiss army knife’ role and why Juve is a game that ‘prepares itself’ – video

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AC Milan defender Alessandro Florenzi has described Sunday’s game against Juventus as a game that ‘prepares itself’ and revealed that he finally feels like he has hit form.

It promises to be another fascinating duel between the Rossoneri and Bianconeri given the historical rivalry and what is at stake for both teams in this game in particular, so much so that La Gazzetta dello Sport actually wrote a list of 50 reasons why it is the highlight of the Italian calendar this weekend.

Florenzi was interviewed by Milan TV ahead of Juve’s visit on Sunday evening and he was asked about a number of different topics, with MilanNews transcribing his quotes.

On his form: “This is the normality of what I expected to give. I hope to give even more than I can. I am trying to repay the trust that Milan had in me, it is obvious that at the beginning I had some problems which I then solved in a month with the meniscus operation. After I think we have seen, in part, what Florenzi can give to Milan.”

On his commitment: “I said at the presentation, Milan was the team that put their trust in me, so they will have 110% from me in everything I can, even when I may have to give something more than what I can give: here I am, there are no problems. Just the way I am.”

On free-kicks: “When I get there it’s me, Theo, Olivier if Olivier plays, Zlatan if Zlatan plays. From there we talk about those two seconds, but a look is also enough that can make it clear who has to kick it. It is also sometimes who is feeling it at that moment.”

On the role of full-back: “I remain the Swiss army knife, there is no doubt about this. It is obvious, however, that I have made a career out of it there by now and I know what I can give there, but obviously also where the coach believes it will be more useful to the team: I will always be available.”

On the preparation for Milan-Juventus: “I think that the match against Juve is a game that prepares itself. It is those challenges that can give you a really important momentum. In my opinion there must be a mix between the two: between that of the motivation of having more than one opponent who is behind us at the moment and to whom we must not lose points, and on the other there will be a technical and tactical question that we are already studying with the coach.

“We are ready and we were ready as against Spezia. This thing happened with Messias who then made us concede a goal in the 96th minute on the counterattack. But we were also ready with Spezia, in the first half we had 8-9 clear scoring chances where the result could have been wider. You pay for these things in Serie A and yet we are ready and we want to do battle. We will try to win the game.”

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