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·30 November 2023

Expert on Chelsea’s Thiago Silva Returning to PSG for Proper Goodbye

Article image:Expert on Chelsea’s Thiago Silva Returning to PSG for Proper Goodbye

Former Paris Saint-Germain captain Thiago Silva is nearing the end of his career. Furthermore, his contract with Chelsea expires after the 2023-24 season. As a result, he’ll become a free agent.

Silva still shows that he can play despite being 39 years old. Could PSG possibly offer him a one-year contract to return and have a proper send-off after leaving in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Is a PSG-Thiago Silva reunion possible?

CBS Sports’ Jonathan Johnson weighed in on the possibility that the veteran defender could return. The PSG chapter wasn’t closed properly and might be something Silva wants to do before leaving European football.

“Although he continues to play regularly for Chelsea, Thiago Silva’s future remains under the spotlight as he heads towards the end of his contract, while he’ll also turn 40 next season,” Johnson wrote in his Caught Offside column.

“Silva had some great years with PSG, which he looks back fondly on, but in terms of a possible return one day after retirement, I think one obstacle might be the manner of his departure.

“It came at an awkward time, of course, due to the impact of Covid on the football world, it was the same with Edinson Cavani at that time too – two immensely popular figures, two loyal and long-serving players, but who didn’t get to say a proper goodbye.”

The desire to play in Brazil

However, Silva’s desire to play in Brazil also presents a challenge. The 2021 UEFA Champions League winner probably has one, maybe two, seasons of football left. So he might want to use that time playing in his country.

“Having seen what Silva has said about his future in the last year or so, it does seem like he wants to play for at least a year in Brazil before he hangs up his boots, so that seems like one to watch,” Johnson added. “If he was to continue at Chelsea for a bit longer, then I don’t think we’d see him play elsewhere in Europe.”

Ultimately, Silva can always return to PSG and have a proper send-off with the supporters and a packed Parc des Princes.

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