Ex-Everton captain Osman: Forest and Aston Villa have more Euro titles than Super League clubs

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Former Everton captain Leon Osman has slammed the arrogance of the Big Six over the Super League breakaway.

Osman says the club owners believe they're bigger than the game.

He told BBC Sport: "This is still a wonderful league and every result is possible and you have to earn your points - that's what we all enjoy. As it should be, you have to earn it. I'm going to believe this is Liverpool trying to earn it [a top four place].

"If this breakaway group happens as early as next season it would be a big surprise with all the legal battles that will happen.

"There's huge arrogance of the people leading these clubs, a huge arrogance that they are by far bigger and better than everyone else and should be guaranteed to play each other every year but this game shows you have to go out and prove you're the best.

"These people that think they are guaranteed the positions and should have it because of their history, it's a very arrogant position - Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest have won more European titles than some of these clubs."