Diego López: "I feel fortunate to be learning and playing alongside the first team"

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Valencia CF

Diego López has enjoyed minutes in each of Valencia CF's friendlies so far, including starting roles against Villarreal CF and Atromitos FC. After coming off the bench against FC Cartagena, he spoke to VCF Media about the summer so far.

"In the two weeks of preseason that we've had, we've just been working and working. Even though we went a goal down, the team continued to work in order to get the result. That's the important thing. We can't give up after conceding a goal, because the game keeps going and there are many minutes remaining. That's what happened: We turned the scoreline around and got another victory for our preseason," he explained after the final whistle.

"Winning in itself isn't the most important thing in preseason, but rather our work and our preparation. But it isn't the same thing to work in preseason whilst getting wins, picking up confidence, compared to when you lose. So it's good to win."

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As for his own showings so far, Lopez said that "I wasn't expecting it when I first got here. I didn't expect to start preseason with the first team, but when I was called up to do preseason with them I got very excited. I feel very fortunate to be learning from great players who a short time ago I was watching on the television. Now I'm lucky enough to be playing with them and learning from them."

"You always have nerves. In the end, you're in a world that you've never been in before. In the end though, when you get onto the pitch it's your habitat and you feel at ease. You enjoy yourself and play the way that you know how."

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