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Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 9 – Can Arteta pick up Arsenal for the visit of Villa?

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Some Gooners had the arrogance to say on Monday morning how we would be in the top 4 come Friday Night if we won our next two fixtures. Having won three all season,.it was never on the cards. Tweet of the week goes to an Arsenal fan who felt maybe some were being harsh regarding criticism of the Palace performance, citing… “It can’t be about wins all the time”. I said that’s an outlook that must help him seeing as we have won 3 out of 8 games!

Arsenal 1-2 Aston Villa

Would that scoreline be considered an upset anymore? Forget League position or results I just want to be entertained by my team again.

What was apparent on Monday was Vieira, after only 3 months, already had his players believing in his ethos, everybody knew their job.

This is Arteta’s third season, and I still don’t know what identify he wants us to play. Trying to defend a 1-0 lead at home is not in our DNA.

Playing Monday and Friday puts a spotlight on the Spaniard. Can he in a space of a few days fix things to correct flaws? That could be by tactics or personnel.

Or will he stay conservative? Let’s make a deal though, if we draw, let’s not have players jumping into the crowd to celebrate.

Chelsea 2-0 Norwich

The fixture list has been kind to Chelsea here. With their two strikers most likely injured this is the game they would have wanted.

It’s not in Norwich’s DNA to park the bus and even if it was, they don’t have the quality to do that.

The point of being a yo yo club is every year you are meant to get better.

This is the worse I have seen the Canneries. They play like a team who don’t believe they belong at this level.

Palace 3-1 Newcastle

Anyone else now wanting Newcastle to lose every week? Especially the classless way the Toon Army treated Steve Bruce. Relegation would at least slow down their rise by a couple of years.

They are in an awkward situation when recruiting their new manager. They have the funds to attract a big name, but do you first worry about hiring someone who knows how to deal with a relegation scrap?

If Palace play like they did against us they should win here.

Everton 4-0 Watford

Even by Watford’s standards, sacking Munoz seemed harsh. He got automatic promotion and the Hornets are not in the bottom three. In other words, the Spaniard did everything on the job description. To lose his job must mean the owners feel he’s lost the dressing room.

The Pozzo Family will argue that their approach has worked with the club mostly established in the topflight under their stewardship.

This is why some think Claudio Ranieri won’t last past Xmas. Rarely have I seen a new boss debut and there not be a hint of players spirits being lifted.

Munoz got sacked after automatic promotion and being out of the bottom three. If the Pozzo Family dismiss a manager for that, imagine how they react to a 5-0 defeat at home where the Hornets effort was depressing.

Watford’s owners won’t tolerate too many afternoons like that, but I fear this could be another one.

Leeds 0-1 Wolves

Leeds are desperate for what happened to Wolves last weekend. They just need that one win and performance to kick start their campaign.

Bizarre comments from Bielsa who cited the problem could be his players only knowing one way to play. Isn’t it his job to teach them a plan B?

A good time to go to Elland Road at the moment.

Saints 1-0 Burnley

Saints dominated at home to Leeds and that should set them up nicely here.

Burnley likewise are waiting for that one win to build on.

Sean Dyche is saying the right things and no doubt is using previous experience of being in this situation to help his players.

Last on Match of the Day?

Brighton 0-1 City

Two 0-0 draws tell you what the Seagulls lack, someone to put the ball in the net. Danny Welbeck would be that guy If he could stay fit.

Against the Champions you need to take the few opportunities you make and that could be the issue come Saturday teatime.

Like Chelsea at Brentford, title contenders find a way to cope with tough away trips like this and find a way to get over the line.

Brentford 2-1 Leicester

Even though Daka scoring 4 in midweek could be helpful for the rest of the season, this will be another example of the Foxes not having the squad to juggle Europe.

Playing Brentford who have had a whole week to prepare, in an intimidating atmosphere, will prove too much three days after a trip to Russia.

West Ham 2-1 Spurs

It was a case of ‘when and not if’ Harry Kane scored again. For anyone to question his attitude is wrong.

To a Hammers Fan this is the fixture they look forward to the most, and it’s a rare time the atmosphere at the London Stadium will be fantastic.

Spurs don’t always show up for this type of game (think NLD). How they start will be crucial.

I just think they lack the leaders to cope with the key moments.

Man United 1-3 Liverpool

When forced to attack in midweek because they were 2-0 down United did the business. Before that though (and in previous games) the balance of the team isn’t right.

The gaps between midfield and attack are too big, some players press while others don’t, and defensively they are making mistakes.

That’s not even criticism of Ole because he’s learning on the job and that’s what his employees knew they were getting, but a Jürgen Klopp will tactically punish them.

To his credit in the big games before, Ole has been able to find a system to be hard to beat but do the Old Trafford faithful really want to see a conservative approach?

That might be where the two teams are at the moment.

Can’t see Salah not scoring.


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Good Luck Peeps


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