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·29 September 2022

Chivas workout with some long-awaited returns

Article image:Chivas workout with some long-awaited returns

The intense work being carried out at Verde Valle ahead of the final matchday of the Apertura 2022 is nothing new, but what is new are the long-awaited return to training of three extremely important players for Guadalajara. Want to know who they are? Stick around and we'll tell you everything that happened on Wednesday.

Minutes after 1 p.m., Alexis Vega, Fernando Beltrán and Roberto Alvarado landed in the Perla Tapatía after being called up to the National Team. As a result, the three talented Rebaño players were available for the afternoon practice.

Did they work alongside their teammates or were they given a rest?

Vega played the entire match against Colombia, so when he arrived at Verde Valle he met with Ricardo Cadena and the physical trainers, who focused on his working separately to help aid in his recovery after the wear and tear produced by the match with El Tri added to the trip back home.

Meanwhile, 'Nene' and 'Piojo' trained alongside their teammates during the second of the four practices scheduled before the trip to the Red-and-White Capital, the site of the transcendental match against La Máquina on Saturday night at the Azteca.

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