🎥 Chivas goalkeeper Antonio Rodríguez scores from his own area

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Seamus Leonard

Article image: 🎥 Chivas goalkeeper Antonio Rodríguez scores from his own area

A disappointing Apertura campaign came to a remarkable end for Chivas as goalkeeper Antonio Rodríguez scored in the dying moments of the 3-1 win over Veracruz on Saturday.

Alan Pulido’s brace had put Chivas 2-1 ahead at the Akron Stadium, but the game will be best remembered for Rodríguez’s spectacular contribution.

With Veracruz pushing for an equaliser, the visitors won a corner and sent goalkeeper Sebastián Jurado Roca forward to add numbers in the box.

The set piece amounted to nothing and the ball ended up in the grateful hands of Rodríguez.

With the clock ticking into the final minute of additional time, it would have been normal goalkeeping custom to hold onto possession for as long as legally permissible in order to take as much time off the clock as possible.

Rodríguez had other ideas, however. Recognising that Roca was struggling to get back to his area, Rodríguez launched a massive kick deep into Veracruz territory.

As the ball dropped, it eluded the last Veracruz defender and took a couple more bounces before crossing the line and nestling in the net.

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Rodríguez, who spent two seasons on loan at Veracruz earlier in his career, admitted afterwards that he didn’t know how to react in the moment.

“I never imagined making a goal, nor in training,” the Guadalajara native said.

“I don’t know how to react. I don’t know what it is to score a goal. I had never scored a goal in my life!”