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Bernardo Silva’s FA charge and what happens next; ban could see him miss LFC clash

Bernardo Silva will reply to his racism charge today and a decision will then be made over whether or not he will be handed a six-game suspension.

Sky Sports reported two weeks ago that the Portuguese midfielder has been given an extension on his reply to his FA charge over racist remarks made on Twitter.

It was intended as a light joke with Manchester City left-back Benjamin Mendy but given the efforts to end racism in football, the joke was made without much thought of the greater consequences.

The joke perpetuates racist stereotypes casually dismissed every day but the FA will be neglecting its duty if they don’t issue Silva some kind of sentence even though a six-game ban might be too hefty.

A three-game ban and a compulsory educational course on racial stereotypes would be a lot more beneficial and instructive. Personally, I’d hate it if Silva missed the Liverpool game due to ignorance and not serious foul play.

If he is handed a six-game ban, he will definitely miss the game at Anfield which would be a shame as he’s a fantastic player.