Barça coach speaks about Neymar, Lautaro, and Messi

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Article image: Barça coach speaks about Neymar, Lautaro, and Messi

FC Barcelona coach Quique Setién has recently spoken to beIN Sports in which he has given his views on players linked with his club. Also, he has added his opinions regarding the on-going debate on whether Barcelona can win the Champions League.

Setién told that he would welcome Neymar on his team.

“I would love to coach Neymar.”, said the coach.

Earlier, Lionel Messi has told in an interview that Barcelona is not ready yet to compete in the Champions League, while Setién insisted on the opposite in another interview.

“There has been a great debate on this issue. It is clear that things need to be improved, but we are convinced that there is potential to win the Champions League.”, he concluded.

“I like great players and Pjanic is one. Lautaro, obviously, can adapt to the team’s offensive game.”, Setién added on the current transfer rumors.

Setién is aiming to win the League on-field: “I want to complete the championship and win this League from the field. The players have come strong and we will be ready.”