Aubameyang 😳 Conte 😡 Higuain 🕺- Saturday's maddest moments


Joel Sanderson-Murray

Article image: Aubameyang 😳 Conte 😡 Higuain 🕺- Saturday's maddest moments

The constant feast of Saturday football may be dropping off but there were still many weird and wonderful things that occurred yesterday.

Here are some of the strangest …

Auba drops the trophy

What a day it was for Arsenal supporters.

A poor campaign by their standards was lightened up by the capture of their 14th FA Cup win, with Mikel Arteta winning his first trophy as manager.

It was also Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s first trophy win for the club, and what a proud moment it was for the Gabon international that as captain he had the pleasure to lift the piece of silverware.

And he absolutely made a pig’s ear out of it.

The hero of the afternoon couldn’t quite understand that the bottom holding of the trophy wasn’t actually part of proceedings and not only that, but he dropped it before even having chance to lift it.

Their big moment turned into a bit of a damp squib.

Something needs to be said for the person in charge of the confetti because they showed great restraint and patience to wait until Aubameyang was done messing around to release the real action.

2020 defined in one trophy presentation.

Conte is not a happy bunny

Serie A finally concluded last night.

Juventus saw off challenges from the likes of Inter, Atalanta and Lazio to lift their ninth Scudetto in a row, winning the title by a point ahead of Antonio Conte’s side in the end.

Conte has led the Nerazzurri to the runners-up spot in his first season at the club and it seems he doesn’t feel his hard work has been appreciated by the Inter chiefs.

“Neither my work nor the players’ work was acknowledged, I found little protection from the club when making comparisons,” he told Sky Sports Italy post-match.

“If you want to reduce the gap with Juventus you have to be strong on the pitch but above all off it.

“We will have to talk to the president who is in China now.

“I understand that, if you are weak, it is hard to protect your team and coach.”

This is one to keep an eye on in the coming days.

Higuain’s chance to shine

Juventus showed Arsenal how to pull off a trophy lift properly.

Maurizio Sarri’s side lifted the Scudetto yesterday and Gonzalo Higuain made the most of his chance to shine when receiving his medal.

Look how happy he is!

Stumble and fall

Rangers have got a mammoth task this season to stop Celtic winning ten league titles in a row up in Scotland.

They got off to a good start by beating Aberdeen 1-0 yesterday.

However, Steven Gerrard might not be filled with confidence when he has to turn to the bench.

We’re not going to mention the ‘Gerrard’ and ‘falling over’ joke, we’re better than that, it’s too easy.

Football Manager simulation strikes again

Harry Kewell pitching up in the town of Oldham feels like an idea for Alan Partridge’s dictaphone, but 2020 dealt us another curveball yesterday.

The former Liverpool and Leeds winger is now in charge of League Two side Oldham Athletic.

The Australian takes on his third job in the lower leagues of England after previously having spells at Crawley Town and Notts County.

This appointment feels like textbook Football Manager.

We know someone who once got to the stage of a game where Raheem Sterling was the director of football at Watford. Can’t wait for art to reflect life like that.