Atletico Madrid President believes ‘fans will not forgive Antoine Griezmann’

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In a new development to the proposed Saul Niguez – Antoine Griezmann barter, Atletico Madrid’s president Enrique Cerezo has voiced his opinion on how the deal would be received by those who fill the Wanda Metropolitano.

Returning to a former club is a task easier said than done for a player. Despite all the wonderful memories and the guaranteed success, players would often refuse such an offer.

This is primarily down to the fact that the fans may not be open to the player returning. Moreover so in the case of an exit that was not accepted by the previous club’s supporters.

Cerezo understands the situation and is a first-hand witness to the reaction to Greizmann’s departure two seasons ago. Rightly so, when asked about the potential reception, he said he does not think that fans would forgive the Frenchman.

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He was also asked the status of the potential swap deal between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. To this, he responded by saying, “I don’t know. I think you are asking the wrong person,” as he hurried to his car.

A poll conducted on Mundo Deportivo’s website asking the fans if they would take the Frenchman back had rather surprising results.

25% of the responders were against the operation and felt the World Cup winner had ‘betrayed’ them. However, an overwhelming 70% of responders were open to his return and understood it as Simeone’s requirement.

However, one would take Los Rojiblancos’ president’s word when he is sure the reception wouldn’t be pretty.

This has been seen previously too, as Barcelona’s No.7 was whistled at on his visit to the Wanda Metropolitano after his transfer. After the announcement of his departure, his Plaque at Paseo de las Leyendas was also stained – a reminder of how let down the supporters felt.

The operation would indeed be a tricky one to orchestrate. It is, however, the need of the hour.

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