📝 Atlas 1-2 Club AmĂ©rica: The champions are off and running


Blaise Bourgeois

Article image: 📝 Atlas 1-2 Club AmĂ©rica: The champions are off and running

Few would have blamed Club AmĂ©rica for starting off the season dropping points away from home less than 24 hours after the club announced the sale of starlet Diego Lainez to Real Betis for â‚Ź12.2m.

After an early scare, the Eagles got it together and coasted to a 2-1 victory in the Jalisco Stadium thanks to Henry MartĂ­n and a stunning goal from Cecilio DomĂ­nguez.

Osvaldo MartĂ­nez scored an incredible consolation goal in the 90th minute to create a tense atmosphere for the four minutes of stoppage time, but AmĂ©rica prevailed and walked out with all three points.

Within the first five minutes, Atlas should have been ahead 1-0.

Atlas sprung an attack down the left wing and had plenty of numbers, but Paul Aguilar came in with a brave slide tackle inside the box to put the ball out for a corner.

On the subsequent set piece, Anderson Santamaría had the ball fall to his feet with an open goal from eight yards away but provided a true centre-back’s finish.

After the less-than-stellar first half came to a close, AmĂ©rica came out of the dressing room with new energy for the final 45 minutes.

Thanks to some lazy defending, Renato Ibarra poked the ball away in the direction of Henry MartĂ­n, who provided a fine finish to put the Eagles ahead.

Nearly 15 minutes later, Cecilio DomĂ­nguez then went on a spectacular run of well over 70 yards before he scored thanks to a heavy deflection by the Atlas defender.

It appeared that the Eagles had all three points in the bag, however, Osvaldo Martinez would score in the 90th minute to create a nervy finish.

Martinez’s goal was an absolute golazo, as he struck a lovely half-volley from outside the area to cut the lead to 2-1.

The Eagles would hold on and earn all three points. They will be in action on Tuesday at Necaxa in the Copa MX group stage, while Atlas travel to Pumas on Sunday in Liga MX play.