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Arsenal: Mikel Arteta had players train with 'YNWA' playing before Liverpool match

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A new documentary focusing on Arsenal’s 2021/22 season releases on Amazon this week.

Titled: ‘All or Nothing: Arsenal’, the documentary gives a behind-the-scenes look at proceedings at the club throughout the campaign.

Ahead of it’s release on August 4, an incredible video has emerged of Mikel Arteta having Arsenal players train with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ playing in the background ahead of their trip to face Liverpool at Anfield.

Arteta thought it would be a good idea to play Liverpool’s anthem ahead of the match to help his players prepare for the occasion.

He bought a number of speakers to the training ground and had the anthem blasting out as they trained.

It made for brilliant footage and you can view it below…

“One of my crazy ideas… Today they are going to train with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ playing in the background,” he tells one of his coaches.

Speaking about the atmosphere at Anfield, Arteta said: “There is a word we use in Spain in cycling when a cyclist is going and looks amazing and, in one kilometre, he goes [Arteta gestures downward with his hand]. He looks stuck, and it’s a word called ‘bajara’.

“I had it once at Anfield. The game was going well and suddenly I could only see red shirts flying around, the game was passing all over me and I cannot react.

“People were saying ‘what is he doing?’ and I’m like ‘I cannot do it’ – I cannot emotionally, physically, I cannot cope. Everything was too fast. I only had that feeling in my career once and it was at Anfield.”

Cedric Soares has also opened up on Arteta’s bizarre idea ahead of the documentary’s release.

“We work every week, of course you work a lot on the game, but you kind of work as well on the atmosphere sometimes,” he told JOE, per the Liverpool Echo.

“Anfield is a very known stadium here. It’s always difficult to play there because of the quality, we know the fans will be helping their team.

“So Mikel tried to prepare for it as much as he could and his idea was to bring the speakers in and create a bit of chaos during training. So the players needed to adapt straight away.

“It’s good also for the players to have something different in training and also for you to have this in your mind. They will be there, they will be loud, but we still need to do our job.”

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