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Arsenal fans comments ahead of Newcastle match are pretty special – Arrogant, entitled..?

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I was interested to see what Arsenal fans were thinking ahead of this afternoon’s match at the Emirates.

Found myself very interested in what I found.

Have a read on, Arsenal fans arrogant, maybe a touch entitled? Surely not!!!

These are just a flavour of some of the special comments from Arsenal fans who have seen their team scrape 1-0 wins against Norwich, Burnley and Watford this season.

‘Easy 2 nil…No f.cking way we’re are dropping points….MUST beat this joke of a club…ASM is cr.p…A win won’t be enough for me here we need to decimate them…Kind of game where we need to not just win, but recover our GD.’


Arsenal fans commenting via their Arsenal Mania

‘Easy 2 nil for the Arsenal.’

‘There’s just no f.cking way we’re are dropping points. This will be a great weekend.’

‘We simply MUST beat this joke of a club.

Ever since the PIF bought them, people I know (who don’t follow the Premier League) have come out of the woodwork and suddenly seem to have become experts on all things related to it.

Now, they’re giving me sh.t about Newcastle being the new team on the block to sink Arsenal further in terms of significance. We must blow them away like we did Sp**s in a blitzing first half.

Though I do like him, I want Eddie Howe’s first match in charge to be an absolute nightmare.’

‘There’s no reason not to give these Geordies a walloping. Make the most of it and enjoy while we can.’

‘ASM is probably pumped at the thought of running at Tomiyasu and White.

Willock, Fraser and Hayden may have something to prove. If Wilson is fit and plays he may be one to watch.

That being said their squad is rather average and their only marquee player is Saint Maximin, unfortunately he can change a game on his own and doesn’t need help to make an impact. I think this should be home win for us but I can see us getting a draw as our confidence won’t be as high.’

‘This will be a nice test for our defence. Newcastle’s attack is above average I’d say but their defence is absolute trash so I think we’ll win.’

‘Gonna be Willock to put us down, the lad is having a rough season and Charity FC is always there to help’

‘ASM is cr.p.’

‘Be interesting to see if Willock plays. Apparently was rubbish last weekend and took a lot of abuse from the georide faithful.’

‘The middle area of the pitch and our attack is something Arteta has failed spectacularly to address so far. Giving him the benefit of the doubt as he has made progress with the defence.’

‘It’s impossible to lose this game.’

‘Another mandatory win to keep pressuring for top-4. I’ll say what I’ve said before we faced Watford, we have to win these games in order to afford losing the away games at the top teams’ stadiums.

This is the kind of game that we must absolutely win every time.’

‘Time to pack it in if we can’t produce a convincing win at home against the worst team in the league with pretty much a full squad available.’

‘A win won’t be enough for me here we need to decimate them, not taking a 1-0 from a set piece goal I need 5.’

‘Kind of game where we need to not just win, but recover our GD.’

‘I’ve always found Newcastle a difficult fixture. How so?

The erstwhile Bobby Robson, while endearing himself to the Geordie faithful, is for me a rather spiteful man. His comment “they have to learn how to lose” came after one of the most dreadful refereeing performances I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness.

Whenever Graham Poll opines on any subject matter, I vividly recollect his shocking performance on the 18th of December 2001. If that performance was not guided by the brown envelope under the table, he sold himself short. It was worthy of the above.

I still rather like the club, I actually rather like the city, but I suspect this will be gone now. They’ll end up like City and Chelsea. Former clubs with no history, propelled to newfound success by ill-gotten gains.

I’d luv it if we beat them.’

‘When you see the Arsenal badge up against another badge you realise how meh our current crest is.

The Newcastle one is quite nice.’

‘Huge pressure game. If we don’t win Arteta will be favourite with bookies next manager to go.’

‘Newcastle’s defence is awful, should be scoring a good amount here, especially after that second half v Liverpool…or at least creating a lot of chances to miss.’

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