77% of Rangers fans polled vote on Kenny McLean | OneFootball

77% of Rangers fans polled vote on Kenny McLean | OneFootball

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Ibrox Noise

·25 June 2024

77% of Rangers fans polled vote on Kenny McLean

Article image:77% of Rangers fans polled vote on Kenny McLean

With this morning’s coverage focusing on Rangers’ interest in Norwich midfield general Kenny McLean, Ibrox Noise wanted to gauge fan-feeling on adding the Scotland international to the Ibrox ranks.

We’ve actually run a few polls before on McLean, one in particular from last year standing out, and the result of that one was an overwhelming ‘no’.

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How has 12 months changed things?

Well, if Ibrox Noise readers, of 2200 votes and counting, not to mention the tone of the comments, are representative of the wider fanbase, it remains a very big fat ‘no’ again, with 77% confirming they do not want the ex-Aberdeen man to join Philippe Clement at Rangers.

Just 23% were eager to have him sign on the dotted line.

A lot of Rangers fans, who see a result they personally ‘disagree’ with, will often smear the poll as ‘unrepresentative’ because it wasn’t 50,000+ (aka the capacity of Ibrox)

The same fans would then dismiss a poll of THAT number (50,000) if they disliked the result by saying it’s not representative of every fan worldwide.

And then there’s those who say ‘ah wiznae asked’ which we always giggle at.

In short, there’s no pleasing them because they didn’t get the result they personally wanted, and we can assure you, that aside general change of opinion en-masse (people are allowed to change their minds), Ibrox Noise polls are pretty accurate in scale.

We know this, because we’ve often carried out the same question weeks or months apart, with different sample sizes, and come up with the same results.

A notable one some months ago was ‘do you believe Rangers will still win 56’ and the first poll, a sample of around 2500, was 57% yes, and the second some weeks later was closer to a 5000 sample, and it was now 56% yes.

So they’re fairly consistent (if not infallible of course), and if 77% of our readers who took part voted no to McLean, it is likely to be quite accurate to the fanbase at large.

Is it a fair outcome?

McLean is not a ‘sexy’ or glamorous signing, but let’s be clear, he’s a tonne better than the mince we’ve been signing for years.

He’s not quite Davo level, no, but he’s much closer to that quality than Kieran Dowell is.

He’d not weaken us, that’s for sure.

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