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·8 décembre 2023

“The Boss”: Andre Onana reveals his nickname at Old Trafford

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Andre Onana has revealed the nickname his Manchester United teammates refer to him by in the dressing room – ‘the boss’.

The goalkeeper explains his “love” for taking responsibility as the source of the title; a trait which he believes would have lead to a very different career path had he not become a professional footballer.

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“I think I’d be a police officer, as I love to take responsibility,” Onana stated. “That’s why even my teammates call me ‘the boss'”.

Speaking on the Premier League’s YouTube channel, the goalkeeper revealed his passion for politics as it helps him to “understand how the world works.”

Onana then described the role as a police officer as “one of the most honourable jobs in the world,” offering an explanation for why he envisions himself as one in an alternate life.

The goalkeeper’s penchant for taking responsibility had been evident in his early career at Old Trafford.

The Cameroonian international did not hold back from showing Harry Maguire who was ‘the boss’ during his debut in pre-season.

Onana laid into the centre-half following a mistake by Maguire, explaining after the game he would “demand a lot” from his teammates.

Similarly, Onana did not shy away from the cameras following his mistake in his Champions League debut for United against Bayern Munich; the goalkeeper making a point of giving the post-match interview to apologise and take ownership of his error.

This attitude would be a refreshing one for a dressing room which has too often shied away from responsibility in the post-Ferguson malaise at Old Trafford.

Onana’s constant stream of calamitous mistakes have made this an impossibility, however.

The mistake against Bayern Munich was followed by subsequent howlers against Galatasaray, both home and away, which have left United on the verge of elimination from Europe.

It’s hard to police your defence if you yourself are responsible for the crime.

Onana’s form domestically has been more consistent, but it will take a certain ‘boss’ mentality to successfully overcome these mistakes on the continent and prove Erik ten Hag’s faith in him to be justified.

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