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Blaise Bourgeois·11 August 2018

Zlatan Ibrahimović slams MLS over "ridiculous" All-Star Game ban

Article image:Zlatan Ibrahimović slams MLS over "ridiculous" All-Star Game ban

Major League Soccer has a rule in place that forces players to serve a one-match suspension should they decide to skip the annual All-Star Game.

Zlatan Ibrahimović made the decision to sit out the match, citing fatigue as the main factor, as he played three matches over the course of nine days before the best players in MLS faced Juventus in Atlanta.

The rule would come back to bite Zlatan and the LA Galaxy, as they lost 2-1 to Colorado Rapids with the Swede out of the lineup.

Zlatan didn’t hold back in an interview with ESPN, “It think it is ridiculous, but yeah, no comments. They do whatever they want. I come from a different world, I come from the real world.

It is what it is. I respect in the end, and I’m sorry for my teammates only that I could not help them in the game.

But yeah, people are interested in different things. They lose on it, and for me it doesn’t matter.”

Zlatan has taken over MLS since his arrival, scoring 15 goals in 17 matches so far with the Galaxy.