Zidane: “We've got this far thanks to our hard work and believing in what we do”

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Zinedine Zidane offered his thoughts to the media ahead of the Champions League semi-final meeting between Real Madrid and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (9pm CET). The coach commented that: "I've got a good feeling. We're happy to be involved in his game and we know what sort of match we'll be in for. We're ready and know what has got us this far. We'll go out and play our game and give our all to make the final.  We've got this far thanks to our hard work and believing in what we do".

"It's a match that'll last 90 minutes or more. We're ready and it's not every day that you play in a Champions League semi-final. We want to put in a great performance. The situation doesn't change at all. We're going to have to deliver a great performance and give our all out there. In a Champions League semi-final you have to dig in out there, but we're ready and the important thing is what we do on the ball. The team is ready".

Is being in the semi-final a miracle?
"It's not a miracle that we're here. We've got this far purely thanks to our hard work and believing in what we do. There's no such thing as miracles in football. We've faced some challenges to get here, but you've got to take your hat off to this team because they've got character and personality and when the going gets tough, they deliver and always have done. We're where we want to be and it's deserved. We're going to give our all tomorrow out there to get through to the final".

"We've watched all of Chelsea's game, but that doesn't count for anything tomorrow because it'll be a different game. We're going to have to counter their strengths and quality. We too have our own weapons". "The first half of the first leg was tough going, but tomorrow's is a different game and we're going to try and improve. We know that they've got great quality and we're going to try to be more aggressive in defence and show what we can do on the ball".

Ramos's return
"You'll have to see tomorrow. I'm not going to tell you anything right now. 
He's here with us and that means that he's fine. That's the most important thing for us. We've got our leader and our captain with us. I won't be taking any risks with him. He is here with us and that means that he's ready to play. All of the players who are here are ready to play. This is a Champions League semi-final and we're all going to give every last ounce on the pitch. All of them are ready to play".

"Now's a great time for him. He's ready and that's good. We're going to need him and we know just what a great player he is. I'm sure that he'll do his bit for the team. He's ready. He'll bring his game to the table and what he wants to do out there".