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·8 February 2021

Zidane: “We want to continue to regain our strength and energy”

Article image:Zidane: “We want to continue to regain our strength and energy”

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media in the press room at Real Madrid City after the last training session before the game against Getafe. The coach said:  "There's no excuses. We know it's a difficult situation but we want to put in a great performance. These are things that happen and there's a lot of games to play. We need everyone and we need to get the players back as soon as possible. We want to continue to regain our strength and energy and that's the focus. We have a game tomorrow and we want to get back to our best and put in a great performance".

"Getafe are a team that compete very well and so do we. We know the difficulties and games in this LaLiga season are always tough. Sides compete very well in Spain and we're going to have to work hard and fight to put in a great performance and get the three points".

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Ramos' operation "Sergio was at the limit. There was a risk, it was complicated and I think it went perfectly. We want to get Sergio back as soon as possible and all the players. The operation went well, it was an important decision. He's in the right frame of mind to come back and now he has to recover, which is the most important thing. There are very competent people at the club that Sergio talks to and the player's decision is also important".

"I don't think there are any doubts about him and there have never been any doubts about his commitment because he always wants to play. What happened to him can happen when you're injured. If he had continued like that, he would have made it worse, the injury would have been worse, he would have broken down and not been able to play the whole season, it's more complicated. I think it's a good and respectable decision. Between one game and another he damaged his meniscus more. He's going to do everything he can to get back with the team".

Other missing players "Isco trained normally this morning, his first training session. Militão and Odriozola are out and then we'll see about the others. We'll see how things go with Lucas Vázquez and Carvajal but they won't be available tomorrow".

His personal situation "The important thing is what we do day to day. All of us who are here deserve to work and we're going to try to do that. As for the others, everyone has their own opinion and that's normal. We are going to work, believe in what we do and regain our confidence and that of the players and finish well. That's what we want to do". "I'm only interested in the day to day and I'm not looking beyond tomorrow's game because I don't know what will happen in the future. Our focus is on tomorrow's game. I don't have any reason to quit. I'm doing what I like to do. We are a little bit disappointed, but that's life and we're going to fight because we want to achieve something good this year. We deserve it. Real Madrid is a great club and we always have to compete. There will always be changes here".

Do you feel the club is questioning you? "We're all in the same boat and I feel supported by everyone. You may think I'm just saying that, but we have to get back to doing things well, like we did a month ago. There are setbacks during the season, you have to accept that and set about changing the situation. We have a great team and important players, who have won a lot here. Being questioned is not going to stop us from continuing to work hard".

Demanding schedule  "It's crazy and even more so when you have players unavailable. We've already spoken about it and I don't have to say much more. It is what it is and tomorrow we're going to have to play, and on the weekend too. There are a lot of games and that's the way it is. We have to be ready, to recover well and to concentrate more because it's a very difficult and different season. We have to adapt to the way football is today".

Benzema as a free-kick taker "I was also a free-kick taker, but there were a lot of players. Karim has the quality to take free-kicks, like a lot of players in the squad. That's something between them and they talk about it before games, but in the end it's a matter of confidence. If he feels confident, he'll take it".

Praise for Varane "He arrived when he was 18 and from the start he showed what he can do. He's won a lot and shown his ability to be a leader, help others and show what he's capable of doing out on the pitch. He deserves the two goals in the last game and the character to give us the win".

The academy players "I don't think motivation is a problem. They're very happy to be training with the first team and they're ready. It's true that we've got a lot of players out and there are a lot of youth players who can join us. We'll see how we manage it".

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