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·14 December 2020

Zidane: “The team's in good form and we want to keep it that way”

Article image:Zidane: “The team's in good form and we want to keep it that way”

Zidane spoke to the media in a virtual press conference to talk about the Real Madrid-Athletic Club game, which will be played at the Alfredo Di Stéfano (Tuesday, 10pm CET): "3 more points are up for grabs tomorrow. I think that we didn't win anything against Atlético de Madrid the other day. We only got 3 points and tomorrow it's 3 more points. They're important for what we want to do. The team is in good shape, in good spirits and we want to carry on like this without worrying about anything else".

"We work hard every day. Every day is important for us to improve. Nothing has changed and we want to continue doing what we've been doing lately. To demonstrate how much of a team we are".

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What has changed in the team? "Forgive me for repeating myself, we're not going to change anything. We know how difficult this season is, we know that every season is difficult because we have to win and be the best, that will never change. In our head we want to do that too, but during the season and in the games we come up against other sides and it's difficult to cause them problems during the whole game. But we work every day because we're good and we have to show consistency to show that we're good and it's what we want to do".

Substitutions in matches "It's occasional and depends on the match. It's true that in the last 3 games I haven't changed much, but it's a specific time. Sometimes you need the changes and sometimes you don't and you don;t have to make changes for the sake of it. Football is like that, but I think its good having 5 changes with all the matches that are being played".

Marcelo "It is true that he's played less. We know who he is as a player, what he's done and what he can give us. It's true that Mendy is playing very well lately, but we have a lot of games. He has to be ready, I know that he trains very well and he has to continue as he's doing to get another chance. It's true that he hasn't had a chance lately. It's not his fault. He's ready and willing, and we'll see about that later on".

LaLiga "It's the day to day and the most important thing. We're here and we prepare for everything. Everything we do is important from day one until the end of the season and the players know that. The day to day is the consequence of what you're going to do at the weekend in every games we have. For me the most important thing is the day to day". "I don't want to prove anything. I want to do my job in the best possible way at this great club and take advantage of every moment here. I've got fantastic players and we will continue working, we prepare together to perform well".

Isco "He's going to be an important player. It's true that he's not playing much lately and I'm not giving him a chance to prove how good a player he is. I feel sorry for my players because I really care about them and I'll never forget what I have been through with them. He has to do what he's doing, working hard to get another chance, but I can't say anything about what's being said because we don't control what's being said on the outside".

Greater demands "Maybe I've explained myself badly. The player always wants to do well, but from time to time there are challenges and it may turn out that you don't win easily and today more than ever because there are no small teams. Maybe 20 years ago there was a favorite and if you played well you won the game. It's not like that anymore. We always want to win out on the pitch, but occasionally there's another team who present different challenges and you have to overcome them. That's what we want to do in every game".

Atalanta "We know the team and have a lot of respect for every team we play against. This match will be played in February but we're focussed on tomorrow's match because it's a very important LaLiga match and we're concentrating on that. It's another opportunity to show what shape we're in as a team and that's what we're going to do".

Big results "They don't exist. The coach isn't going to tell the players what to do. They're there, they play and unfortunately it can be a bit ugly to concede 31 goals. But it's not my job to tell the players not to attack anymore. It's a matter, as you say, for the Federation. For example, in basketball after 50 points the game is stopped. We have to look around".

Gerard Houllier "It's sad news to hear that he's passed away. We send a message of support and condolence to his family. We have to continue with what we're doing, the matches are difficult, they're very close to each other and we're looking forward to continue with this run of this last week".

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