📣 Zidane on Real's CL chances, Atalanta and injuries

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Joel Sanderson-Murray

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Real Madrid face off against Serie A side Atalanta in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie on Wednesday.

Boss Zinedine Zidane has been speaking to the media ahead of the game and here are the best bits of what he had to say.

Champions League

Real Madrid

On Real being good enough to win the Champions League

“We have the objective of reaching the final.

“In any shape or form, Real Madrid, every time we step on the pitch we want to win.

“Every time we play it’s like a final, even more so now because it’s a knockout game.

“We know there is a return fixture but we’re mainly focused on tomorrow’s game.

On Atalanta

“We want to win.

“Everything is in place to do what we want to do, but tomorrow’s game is different because it’s Champions League.

“We know how difficult it will be but we are committed to doing what we do and we’re confident going into it.

“The rivals we are facing are quite different.

“They are a specifically trained team on the pitch but we have to counter this on the pitch.

“We just have to play our own game.

“They are a very attacking. They are offensively very good, Very strong physically.

“They are a specific team, they have their own style.

“What can I say is tomorrow is going to be a good game of football.”

On the injury crisis

“We knew at the start that this was going to be a difficult season.

“You’re telling me about these injuries but we still have a lot of good players.

“There is no real explanation.

“We’re very unlucky to have so many injured players. We’ve had no real pre-season so the start of the season was unusual but this is true for every team.

“The situation we have now, I’m looking forward to having the injured players back.

“We’re just going to continue with what we’re doing, the players that are here are as well-prepared as they can be.”

On the youth set-up

“A player has to play either way.

“It’s complicated when a full team is healthy that they have to go out on loan and then return.

“What we want to do is that for our youth players, the important thing for them is that they can play at the top flight.

“Whether they play for Real Madrid is a lot more difficult than to be a league player, but it can happen.”