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Zamora, author of the goal: ''I scored the goal, but it was everyone's goal''

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1981 was a glorious year for the Royal Society. With a goal that made the tie practically at the end of the match, they were proclaimed League champions for the first time in their history and gained access to the European Cup.

The Royal was contesting the title as a visitor in Gijón. I needed a win or a draw to be a champion, without relying on other results. Sporting was locked up in his field trying to defend the favorable result he had and the Basque team had a hard time generating opportunities. Until it was time for euphoria. After a play in the area, Zamora got the goal of the tie that would eventually give the title to the txuriurdin team.

Alberto Górriz and Zamora, defender and midfielder respectively, were the protagonists of that famous goal and remember it as if it were yesterday.  Zamora, the goalscorer: 'I scored the goal, but it was everyone's goal. And we deserved it. It was special, the first title in history and as we did, with 11 seconds to go, from sporting's bottom, until the referee beeped the finale.'' Górriz, author of the assist: ''We had to win LaLiga as it was'', although it indicates that his intention was the shot. ''It's the closest time I've seen Laudrup,' he jokes.

They had a lot of pressure to win the title, due to the debacle experienced the previous season. ''I remember a lot of tension and nerves in the week before, because it was a very big responsibility, for not failing again, for all the people who traveled and because all Guipúzcoa was watching over us. We trusted ourselves, but it was a hard week,'' Górriz reveals. "We were very concerned about what we were playing, we were very responsible for what we had on our hands and that we could not fail again. I think last year's experience helped us go to Gijón convinced,'' Zamora said.

15,000 realistic fans moved to Gijón with the confidence of seeing his team be champion. ''I think the audience was fundamental, gave us strength until the last second. It was a tough match, against a strong opponent, and that audience I think was the one that gave us the encouragement to the end, we were almost playing at home," the defense stressed. "It was awesome. That it was all the people he was, with the time he did, helped the team a lot, the club. I didn't know much, but maybe that's why, when I scored the goal, I celebrated it with them, something that wasn't common to me," he said.

The celebration was peculiar, although they really enjoyed it. ''It cost us, first because we had to go to Seville to play a Cup match, and then because in Guipúzcoa everyone came out to celebrate it with us. Everyone wanted to say hello and give us chops or stuff. In Lasarte I remember that they put a barricade for us to stop," Górriz said. "Watching people come out of the hamlets and say hello to the road was amazing. And in the last kilometer to City Hall we took an hour and a half from the people there. I didn't want it to ever end that day, I've never felt so much emotion," Zamora said.

It was a historic day for the Royal Society. The following season he would debut in the European Cup, although he fell in 1/16, but would be proclaimed a new League champion.

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