🎥 Yesterday's best and funniest viral moments from EURO 2024 😂 | OneFootball

🎥 Yesterday's best and funniest viral moments from EURO 2024 😂 | OneFootball

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Dan Burke·21 June 2024

🎥 Yesterday's best and funniest viral moments from EURO 2024 😂

Article image:🎥 Yesterday's best and funniest viral moments from EURO 2024 😂

Thursday was another memorable day at EURO 2024, with England flattering to deceive and an absorbing match between Spain and Italy to round off the day.

There was plenty of weird and wonderful stuff happening away from the pitch as well. Here are the best bits – let us know in the comments if we missed anything!

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The food wars continue

Spain may have got the better of Italy on the pitch, but the Italians reckon their food is unbeatable, and they might well have a point.

Alternative match highlights

You won’t find a more perfect summary of that match in Gelsenkirchen than this.

Poor Riccardo Calafiori.

OG, OG, OG, oi, oi, oi

That unfortunate error from the Italy defender means Own Goal is now top scorer at the tournament.

Rumours are that Manchester City have lodged a £100m bid.

Royal Rumble

La Roja’s players were congratulated on their victory by the King of Spain, who couldn’t believe that Lamine Yamal is only 16.

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It’s never coming home

It was a day to forget for England, who squandered a 1-0 lead to draw with Denmark in disappointing fashion.

The Danish fans were in full troll mode before the game had even begun.

Luckily for one England fan, the strength of Germany’s beer means he probably won’t remember the game.

Keys to the city

Scotland fans, on the other hand, were told they are welcome back in Köln any time by the city’s mayor.

Their bar tabs alone must have provided the local economy with a huge boost.

Gareth Southgate: England manager

How about this for a brilliant example of art imitating life.

If you have never seen the 2001 movie Mike Bassett: England Manager, you really should do something about that.


If you were already impressed by Belgium midfielder Amadou Onana’s crazy accent switch in the mixed zone the other day, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Chip off the old block

And 1992 European Championship winner Peter Schmeichel interviewing his son Kasper after Denmark’s draw with England made football fans of a certain age all watery eyed.

ICYMI, here are the best and funniest viral moments from the tournament so far…

That’s a low blow

This Albania fan knew exactly where to hit the Italians where it hurts when the two nations met in Dortmund on matchday one.

And that joke was copied by this Austrian fan, who taunted his French counterparts in Düsseldorf on Monday.

Culinary exploration

Food has been a theme at the tournament so far. On Wednesday, these Switzerland fans enjoyed a nice fondue on the steps of the Köln cathedral ahead of their match with Scotland, because why not?

Germany’s Joshua Kimmich was so hungry on Wednesday that he tried to take a bite out of Manuel Neuer’s head.

Here was an England fan’s reaction to trying German Currywurst for the first time.

Nap time

This England fan must have eaten a bit too much Currywurst, as he fell asleep in the stadium during Sunday’s win over Serbia and woke up all alone at 4am!

The Masked Striker

Poor Kylian Mbappé has been one of the biggest casualties of the tournament so far, with the France captain breaking his nose during Monday’s meeting with Austria.

The new Real Madrid star quickly took to social media, asking fans for suggestions for a mask he could wear to protect his injured conk.

This was easily the best suggestion.

Oi ref, can I have your shirt?

Who knew that even referees have fanboys?

When will we see your like again?

What a national anthem Scotland have, and what a rendition of it this was.

This Italian commentator loves the anthem so much that he couldn’t help but sing along.

Scotland’s fans have arguably been the stars of EURO 2024 so far, such as this lovely moment.

And what a guy this Germany fan was, handing out beers to the Scots in Köln on Wednesday.

But here’s why it’s not a good idea to walk the wrong way up an escalator, especially after drinking several of those beers.

It’s all too beautiful

Georgia may have lost their first ever Euros match, but their first goal in that defeat to Türkiye was a historic moment, and it was all a bit too much for one journalist in the stadium.

And if this Turkish commentator’s reaction to Arda Güler’s stunning goal doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, there could be something wrong with you.

It never rains but it pours

That Türkiye v Georgia game was the match of matchday one by quite some distance, but it very nearly had to be called off due to heavy rain. Kudos for the groundstaff in Dortmund for their work, especially this guy.

And if you missed that game, you really missed it.

The wrong Onana

Belgium midfielder Amadou Onana was understandably unhappy about being confused with his namesake André, and this accent switch was crazy.

Education, Education, Education

Lamine Yamal might have lit up Spain’s win over Croatia on matchday one, but that doesn’t mean the 16-year-old is allowed to skip his homework.

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Chill out Cristiano!

Cristiano Ronaldo might have been a little too eager to start Portugal’s game against Czech Republic on Tuesday.

Shaq attack

Find someone who loves you as much as Switzerland’s Xherdan Shaqiri loves scoring at international tournaments.

Baddiel and Skinner eat your heart out

English comedian Tim Vine has come up with a new song which could rival Three Lions…or maybe not.

This Phil Foden chant isn’t half bad though.

But our personal favourite England song of EURO 2024 is this banger from Sans Beanstalk.

Let them know you’re there

We have only had one red card at the tournament at the time of writing, but what a red card it was, from Scotland’s Ryan Porteous.

Can’t catch a break

This guy spoke for all Arsenal fans with his reaction to Kieran Tierney’s injury for Scotland on Wednesday night.

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Let us know in the comments if we missed any!