Why? Warnock apologises for questioning Mason appointment at Tottenham

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Former Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock questioned the appointment of Ryan Mason as Tottenham caretaker manager - off air.

Following the sacking of Jose Mourinho on Monday, academy boss Mason was put in temporary charge of the club, with Monday's training session put under his care.

Warnock admitted live on Sky Sports that he didn't agree with the appointment, not realising he was actually on-air.

Seemingly speaking to someone without their microphone turned on, he said: “Mason? No, I don't agree with that, Ryan Mason… I don't know, but what I'm saying is that if you get a figure…"

This is where presenter Rob Wotton, who did not realise the show was back on-air, butt in, whipping off his glasses and trying to play down Warnock's comment.

“Oh there we go, welcome back," he said hastily. “Still just reflecting and reading this breaking news we're getting this morning about Tottenham."

Warnock initially tried to laugh it off, but was later forced to apologise for his comments.